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A Housing 2.0 Presentation

Translating the Hidden Value of Zero: Proven Behavior Change Techniques

Thursday, April 4, 2024
2:00 Eastern

There are seven tried-and-true principles for changing behavior, yet it’s surprising how often we neglect them when promoting high-performance buildings. It’s a huge loss to move the construction industry to high-performance buildings and not communicate their value effectively. This is critical to complete market transformation.

In this virtual seminar, green building pioneer Sam Rashkin, former Chief Architect at the Department of Energy and considered the father of ENERGY STAR, will outline these seven proven strategies that can be applied to optimize customer value for high-performance buildings.

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Our Presenter

Sam Rashkin is a building industry luminary, influencer, and architect. Author of the book Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry: How It Got Here, Why It’s Broken, and How to Fix It, Sam has led housing programs resulting in more than one million certified high-performance homes. He served on the national steering committees for USGBC’s LEED for Homes, NAHB’s Green Builder Guidelines, and EPA’s Water Sense label, and on the development team for EPA’s Indoor airPLUS label.