A Field Guide to Housing 2.0

Home-building expert Sam Rashkin has written a book that will change how you build and sell homes. To help you decide if this book is for you, read this “Cliffs Notes” guide to his book, which zeroes in on a key imperative: the user experience. 

Field Guide coverSam Rashkin’s new book, Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide , has nine chapters that show home building pros how to navigate disruption in the building industry, and successfully build and sell high-performance homes. From siting and design through sales and marketing, the book coaxes out the important details on how to build right and make a profit doing it. 

In this new Field Guide to Housing 2.0 , an excerpt of the Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide book, Green Builder editors highlight one section of Rashkin’s book that will be of particular interest to home builders: the user experience. This includes information on rising home-buyer expectations for attributes like home certifications (such as Zero Ready and Indoor AirPlus), low maintenance products, and quality construction. 

Rashkin addresses how affordable technology (like infrared cameras) can help builders deliver on these requirements, while technologies installed in the home can erase pain points for consumers (think real-time monitoring of home systems, indoor air quality products, and energy-efficient HVAC). 

At the end of the day, homes will be sold because they appeal to buyers and provide them with the experience they expect out of a home. This guide will teach you the step-by-step process to provide that perfect home-buying experience. 

Want to skip the Field Guide to Housing 2.0  and go straight to the full-length book? Order your copy here.