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Green Builder Media has joined forces with building industry luminary Sam Rashkin (former Chief Architect at the DOE and considered to be the father of EnergyStar) to offer Housing 2.0, a pioneering training and education program focused on disruption in the housing industry.

The curriculum has been designed to teach building professionals how to implement 30 to 70 percent cost savings for every new home built, and how to navigate the intense challenges that are plaguing our sector (including labor shortages, material shortages, and skyrocketing material costs.) 

The program includes virtual workshops facilitated by Rashkin, online courses taught by industry experts, Action Groups that will enable participants to apply the Housing 2.0 fundamentals to their projects as well as access to Green Builder Media’s proprietary content, business recommendations, and market intelligence.

Housing 2.0 Workshops are accredited for CEUs for AIBD, AIA, Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), BPI, and Certified GreenHome Professional Energy | Health | Materials. For more information on accreditation, contact mike.collignon@greenbuildermedia.com

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Housing 2.0 Workshops

The tools and processes you need to become a housing industry leader.

Housing 2.0 Book 

Over 420 pages and 150 best practices for optimizing the housing user experience. Purchase a Copy

Housing 2.0 Thought Leader Series

Prepare for the future with world-class experts as they present new innovations and advanced best practices.  


Bolster information from the Housing 2.0 program with targeted data that helps you design, plan, market, and sell homes. 

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Housing 2.0 Workshops

Six fast-paced workshops based on Sam’s new book, “Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide” (offered quarterly) provide a unique framework for consistently optimizing five key housing user experiences. This includes 19 strategies and 150 best practices that have been extensively vetted with hundreds of housing executives. Learn how you can extract 25%-65% cost savings for every new home built! Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are now offering the virtual workshops free. See the schedule below for details and REGISTER NOW.

2024 Virtual Seminars:

2024 Virtual Workshops:

  • Session 1: The Future of Housing with Certainty: Adapt or be Left Behind–October 17, 2024
  • Session 2: Optimizing Community and Design: The Critical UX for High-Performance Homes–October 24, 2024
  • Session 3: Optimizing Performance and Quality: Getting to Zero at Lower Cost– October 31, 2024
  • Session 4: Optimizing Sales and Housing 2.0 Applied: Translating Value of Superior UX Homes–November 7, 2024

2024 In-Person Events:

Thought Leader Webinars 2024: Housing Leaders Applying Housing 2.0

  • Webinar 1: DVELE: Zero Energy Modular Homes, Brandon Weiss Chief Innovation Officer, May 29
  • Webinar 2: BrightLeaf Homes: Getting to Zero at Lowest Cost, Scott Sanders, CEO, June 12
  • Webinar 3: Howard Building Science: Zero Energy Workforce Housing, Rob Howard, Owner, July 17
  • Webinar 4: Thrive Home Builders: Minimizing Embodied Carbon, Gene Myers Chief Sustainability Officer, August 14
  • Webinar 5: TBD



Housing 2.0 Action Groups

Once builders have attended the Housing 2.0 Workshops, the next step is to apply what they have learned. This happens at Housing 2.0 Action Groups where small groups of innovation-minded builders work together customizing the Housing 2.0 user experience optimization framework for their company and applying it to actual projects. This includes five interactive meetings where attendees learn from each other, collaborate on integrating user experience best practices, discuss business solutions, and share results extracting substantial cost savings and added value on specific projects. A rising tide raises all boats … Housing 2.0 Action Groups raise all attending builders.

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Previous Housing 2.0 Online Thought-Leader Courses

One-hour virtual courses taught by industry influencers and subject matter experts build upon the Housing 2.0 user optimization framework.

Below is an archive of previous courses:





Housing 2point0 Cover webHousing 2.0 Book

Sam Rashkin’s first Book, Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry , introduced a unique framework for optimizing the housing user experience. Sam spent over five years fully vetting the ground-breaking guidelines with hundreds of housing executives. Sam’s new book, Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide, packages all these years of continuous improvement with decades of experience leading national labeling programs and designing over 100 energy-efficient homes. 

The book includes over 360 pages, 150 user experience best practices, 360 citations, and hundreds of illustrations and charts that serve as a guide for consistently delivering homes that exceed customer expectations. User experience leaders in all other industries outpace competing laggards 3X in terms of business return and resilience. Housing will be no different. That is why Housing 2.0 is your disruption survival guide.

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What Builders Are Saying About Housing 2.0

Attendees love the Housing 2.0 program. Get an inside look at what they gained from their experience here.

"Sam’s easy-going delivery and comprehensive flow, in an executable matrix made the learning sessions a pleasurable experience. It is not often one encounters the integration of the latest development, statistics, buyer attitude, economics, real estate, and energy efficiency approaches with technology to back the play. Sam Rashkin and Housing 2.0 are the real deal."Terry Johnson, Avid Composite

“Housing 2.0 provided exactly the right information at the right time. I can't believe the evolution I've seen this last year for my company! The house I presented in the Housing 2.0 Action Group has finished foundation and starting framing. Not only is the design optimized, but we were able to bring down the cost by 50%!”
—Carol Orona, Panorama Homes

“I just completed your Housing 2.0 workshop. I found the workshop to be fantastic. Extremely informative, well organized, and for me educational. My background comes from larger builders where knowledge about health, energy, sustainability, etcetera was not that important at the time. I might actually have to watch the modules again to get the full benefit. Again, very well done.”—Doyle Dudley, Director of Purchasing, Thrive Home Builders

“Once you decide to be a credible ESG focused builder, the resources available through Green Builder Media’s Housing 2.0 program and the connection to other participants are invaluable. The workshops offer straightforward applications for better design, better building, and better consumer engagement that aren’t accessible anywhere else. The common struggles and solutions shared between participants of the Action Group were accessible, pragmatic, and useful. We have been able to put the Why, What, and How into everyday business practice the day after we discussed it in the Housing 2.0 workshops and Action Group.”
CR Herro, EVP Operations, Bettr Homes & VP Innovation Meritage Homes

“I have finally come up for air after a very crazy Q4, and we are very focused on our journey to disrupt the industry in 2022 by executing the vision you laid out in the first Housing 2.0 webinar series you so graciously and studiously gave early in 2021. I am going to be utilizing the book as a ‘must read’ for our teams in 2022.”
—Corey Donahue, Cofounder, Bettr Homes

“My experience with Housing 2.0 as a small developer was, in a word: invaluable. What I most appreciated was the constant focus on data driven, market tested, real world solutions. This was no "feel good" workshop featuring inspirational platitudes—instead everything was presented in a way that was easy to understand and implement. Sam has a way of conveying information in a way that resonates with clarity. And there were a lot of other post-workshop opportunities to collaborate with other professionals through action groups. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. Any developer, architect, general contractor, sustainability consultant, real estate broker or other professional expert would undoubtedly benefit from attending Housing 2.0."—Nick Lerek, Darlington & Associates LLC, Santa Fe area developer

“My time is a worth a lot, especially to me, because I only have so much more of it. I’m choosing to spend my time with Sam, Green Builder Media, and the rest of you because it’s the most important thing I can be doing right now.”—Ted Clifton, President, TC Legend Homes

“We’re a new builder coming together to build single-family rentals strictly with SIPs. This whole seminar has been really interesting, especially the marketing around the high-performance homes as well as how to best create the envelope that will provide the most energy efficiency as well."
—Doug Wilson, Sr. Vice President of Construction, Bettr Homes

“I’ve been in the construction industry for over 35 years. This is probably the most single amount of information condensed and walk-away-with-benefits that I have ever seen in my 35 years. I also wanted to thank everyone for their input. It adds to the meeting as much as Sam’s knowledge. It was very beneficial to me.”
—Jeff Hunter, Head Draftsman, SIPanels

“You folks at GBM are excellent and I'm a committed fan. It’s great news that there is so much interest in Housing 2.0 and Sam's book—that's encouraging for the direction of the building industry. Housing 2.0 is changing home building for the better. Thank you for your help and resources.”
—John J Holahan, III, Partner Liberty Homes Custom Builders

“The Housing 2.0 and Action Groups are a sure way to arm your company with strategic and cost-saving methods to building the most efficient and healthy communities and homes. You are guaranteed to take away multiple tactical solutions that your company can implement immediately to achieve a more cost-efficient and desirable home for the masses. Sam Rashkin not only shares his philosophy behind architectural design and building best practices that you can integrate in all future designs of homes and communities, he gives one on one feedback about real projects you have in your portfolio. The learning and specific feedback our team at Younger Homes received from Sam is priceless, I still can not believe we were able to work one on one with Sam to develop new floor plans and elevations for our Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH). Even though we had an AIA architect create our ZERH homes, Sam was able to save our company thousands of dollars in construction cost and achieve the best design possible for our clients. The Housing 2.0 and Action Group was instrumental for our team both in the near and long term, and we just give Sam and Mike Collignon so much thanks and praise for pouring into builders like us!”—Danielle Younger, Younger Homes

Sam’s easy-going delivery and comprehensive flow, in an executable matrix made the learning sessions a pleasurable experience. It is not often one encounters the integration of the latest development, statistics, buyer attitude, economics, real estate, and energy efficiency approaches with technology to back the play. Sam Rashkin and Housing 2.0 is the real deal.Terry Johnson, Avid Composite