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Experience Housing 2.0

“Virtually every major industry in our economy has experienced massive disruption. Housing has been able to sit on the sidelines, but not any longer. The disruption occurring now will remove the challenges that builders are facing with respect to labor issues, quality control, soaring lumber prices and material costs, cycle time, performance risks, and sales struggles, enabling building professionals to deliver higher quality homes that optimize consumer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost.”–Sam Rashkin, Founder, Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry

GBM Housing 2 logo squareSam Rashkin and Green Builder Media announce the Housing 2.0 Program, a wide-ranging engagement and education program dedicated to optimizing the housing sector.

The Housing 2.0 program will empower building professionals—with a special focus on production builders—to design and construct higher performance, healthier, more sustainable homes at a fraction of the cost.

Building on Rashkin’s years of educational and training experience through his Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry program and Green Builder Media’s 17 years of media, communications, and leadership in sustainability expertise, the Housing 2.0 program will teach building professionals how to improve the homebuyer experience through innovation, offering a proprietary roadmap for the future and how to best prepare for the looming changes. (See program details, right.) 

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Housing 2.0 Program Elements

  • Housing 2.0 Book: Rashkin’s second book offers robust details about designing and constructing next-generation homes.

  • Five-Part Workshop Series: Housing 2.0 virtual workshops, facilitated by Sam Rashkin, will present a framework for building professionals to extract 25-65% cost savings for every new home built. This includes three-hour virtual workshops offered over five weeks. (This set of workshops will be offered quarterly—March-April, June-July, September-October, November-December—giving you four opportunities to jump in!) 
    • Week 1: Crisis Driven Disruption Ahead
    • Week 2: Optimizing Community
    • Week 3: Optimizing Design
    • Week 4: Optimizing Performance & Quality
    • Week 5: Optimizing Sales & Putting Housing 2.0 Together

  • Online Courses: Six ongoing courses taught by industry influencers and subject matter experts designed to provide supplementary information and expand on the Housing 2.0 fundamentals offered in one-hour virtual courses
    • Course 1: Preparing for Disruption
    • Course 2: Demystifying Zero
    • Course 3: Healthy Homes
    • Course 4: Disruptive Technologies
    • Course 5: Biophilic Design
    • Course 6: Housing 2.0 case studies and lessons learned
  • Action Groups: Participate in small, collaborative groups that meet quarterly for one year to optimize the Housing 2.0 framework, apply it to actual projects, and share results, with the goal of enhancing participants’ business results.
  • Proprietary Green Builder Media Content as well as COGNITION Smart Data market intelligence: This information is tailored specifically for Housing 2.0 participants, including building science best practices, cutting-edge product information and insights into market trends, innovations that are transforming markets, and consumer behavior and purchasing patterns.


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