How to Build Cost Effective, Energy-Efficient Affordable Housing

Mike Steffen, AIA, Director of Innovation of Walsh Construction, will presented a webinar on June 23, 2021 that addresses construction solutions for those who develop and operate affordable housing. This event is part of the Housing 2.0 program

Learn how housing developers and their designer/builder teams can effectively address that challenge by working with more discipline to drive greater efficiencies into the design and construction process. 

Walsh-housing20In the webinar, Steffen  outlined an approach to achieving cost-effective projects through the use of:

  • Efficient building design.
  • Optimized wood framing.
  • A greater degree of standardization.
  • Repetition of the basic building components and systems. 

Several project case studies illustrate the application of these ideas, and the results in terms of cost reduction and quality enhancement. 

The Housing 2.0 program is made possible by the generous support of building industry leaders, including Mitsubishi ElectricZIP SystemPanasonic, and Schneider Electric.