VISION House Austin

The VISION House Austin, meticulously designed by internationally renowned architect Peter Pfeiffer and his Austin-based Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture team, has been designed for optimal climate responsiveness using passive solar design to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. 

VISIONHouse Austin logo

The intelligent design enhances energy efficiency by reducing the heating and cooling load. Resilient materials increase the home’s ability to withstand nature’s fury; and an integrated solar + battery storage system ensures that the house will remain functional in the event of an extreme climate event or power outage. 

Importantly, the VISION House Austin demonstrates that sustainable architecture can be affordable and practical for everyday living, and that a home with lower carbon footprint can lead to a higher quality of life for homeowners.

Meet Peter Pfeiffer

Green Builder Media is thrilled to partner with famed sustainable architect, Peter Pfeiffer, on the VISION House Austin.  Internationally renowned for his leading-edge, visually stunning work, Peter has advocated for decades that sustainability starts at the design phase. He is a vocal proponent of climate resilient design, urging building professionals and manufacturers alike to think more critically about how we can design the built environment to deal with climate events and extreme temperatures.

Let’s hear from Peter about the project.


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