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Sara heashot 10-1-18 VantageEndangered Species Act: Soul-Crushing Rollbacks We are nothing without nature, and extinction does not allow for a do-over. Which makes the Trump Administration’s proposed rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act particularly devastating—both for the planet and for the human psyche.  More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefFeeling Down? Try Some Actual Reality Today’s many man-made crises can be addressed, but not if we listen to hucksters and sociopaths. More.

Ron JonesHere's to a 10-Year Winning Standard Just about this time of year a decard ago, the Consensus Committee that had been seated to develop the first draft of the National Green Building Standard submitted the work to the American National Standards Institute for official approval. More

GB-Dunn-Edwards-Ebook%20coverFree Ebook: Grow Your Business With the Gold Standard of Green Paints  In a competitive housing market, paint contractors and builders need to stand out from the competition by offering better products than the next pro. A new Ebook details how Dunn-Edwards sustainable paints can give you the edge you need.  More

Jim_Meyers_web2021 IECC Update – What may be coming to the 2021 IECC next year In this webinar, nationally esteemed code experts Jim Meyers and Shaunna Mozingo explore significant changes to residential and commercial codes.  Topics of discussion will include key amendments, field findings, compliance paths, and innovative products and approaches to meet and exceed code. 


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