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Sara GuttermanLiving in the Future’s Past: What are we Hoping to Sustain? Living in the Future’s Past, a new film by Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges and Director Susan Kucera, explores how cheap energy and animal instincts enabled us to create a system that prioritizes short-term thinking over the long-view, to the detriment of our species and our planet. Do we have the ability to transform our behavior before it’s too late? More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefAs Businesses Adjust, Americans Barbecue The old reality seems to be collapsing around us. Can business-style planning convert Neros into Heroes? More.

Ron JonesTalk to a Real Expert When we dropped the tailgates and broke out the various lunch containers one day recently, I took advantage of the situation and seized the opportunity to gather some insight from some of the most legitimate sources in the industry, guys on the job. More

TyparInnovation Leads to High Performance Building Solutions This free Ebook covers the important systems and products that are designed to manage the building envelope, insulation, and indoor air quality. Here's some of the most advanced of these building science concepts being used in new homes today. More

Matt PowerReslient Building Given the recent changes in our climate, weather patterns, and rising sea levels, it’s essential that we craft an effective resilient building strategy—swiftly—in order to keep our homes and buildings safe and protected. 

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