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vSaraHS.jpgTwo Can’t Miss Events: Sustainability Symposium 2018 and Flex House at CES The Green Builder Media team is as busy as Santa’s fleet of helpers preparing for two major events in early January—the Sustainability Symposium 2018: Champions of Change and the Flex House at CES. If you’re going to be in Orlando or Vegas (or both!) for Design & Construction Week or CES, or if you just want an excuse for a meaningful post-holiday getaway, please join us! More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefBuilding Science: The Pathway to Resilience Preparing future homes to survive climate-induced shocks begins now. More.

Ron JonesGet It In Writing There is an old adage of cowboy wisdom that says, “trust everybody in the game, but always cut the cards.” It’s another way of saying that while trust and communication are essential to a fair game and a successful outcome, in the final analysis, you have to watch out for your own interests, rather than leaving them in the hands of others. More

LiftMaster EbookHow to Profit from Smart Tech for Garage Door OpenersThis quick-read Ebook explains how LiftMaster offers smart-home solutions for everyone, from budget-conscious buyers of starter homes to more established buyers who are looking to outfit their “forever home” with the best--and how builders can profit from it. More

sam.jpgLeveraging Advanced Technology and Blockchain to Create the Ultimate Demand-Side Energy Management Strategy This webinar will offer cutting-edge ideas and suggestions for developers, builders, architects, utilities, and cities to deploy advanced technologies and renewables, create optimized demand-side energy strategies, and develop structures that offer a higher value proposition to buyers and owners.

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EACH OF OUR ONGOING EDITORIAL CAMPAIGNS zooms in on critical issues of our time. We offer weekly RSS feeds and special reports on these fast-changing topics.

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