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Sara heashot 10-1-18 Vantage The Green New Deal for Social Equality and Financial Abundance Rhiana Gunn-Wright, co-author of the Green New Deal, explains how the plan synthesizes sustainability, social justice, and economic prosperity. More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefTo House the Many, We Need Smarter Data A perfect storm of labor, regulatory, land and materials costs have crushed the housing market to half its former size. Can data transparency revive the boom times?  More.

Ron JonesTransparency Lost The first casualty of secrecy is trust.  A recent New York Times article shines the light into a dark corner of the building industry. More

Bradford White-Title 24 Ebook CoverThe Builders’ Guide to California’s 2019 Title 24 Code  The 2019 Title 24 Code brings 50% more stringency to residential housing in just one code cycle. It’s all done in the noble interest of cost-effective energy efficiency, but it is challenging to building professionals who must balance new requirements with profitability.  More

EricSkare_2012_008_webSustainable Protection with Smart Leak Detection Systems for the Home Learn from one of the largest, most extensive water monitoring studies that collected over one billion data points in 18 states to find out how you can offer customers the best water monitoring and leak detection solutions as well as understand how doing so can drive environmental and financial success in your business.

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