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Sara GuttermanVillains and Victims: How the Climate was Lost There was once a time, decades ago, when the climate—and the concept of climate action—wasn’t political. At that moment, stakeholders from the scientific, environmental, business, and political communities were aligned in their concern about carbon emissions and climate change, and just a few small acts of courage and political resolve could have set us on a course to curb emissions and heal the planet. But divisiveness, short-sightedness, and self-interest took over, and now we’re suffering the tragic consequences. More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefAssociations——The Good, the Backward and the PossibleBy focusing on what members really need—more affordable healthcare, better building code knowledge, access to research and a “message” that attracts young people and minorities—they can bring the whole industry forward, and make it vibrant and well regarded. More.

Ron JonesAn Even Higher Standard By now you have probably heard or read that for 2019 we have decided to consolidate the 2019 Symposium, which will be held for the first time in Las Vegas, with the announcement of the next collection of award winning entries in our annual Green Home of the Year Awards. More

Resilient%20Housing-eBook-cover-webResilient Housing Design Guide We need safe havens, homes and other structures that allow us to keep working and dreaming amidst the coming tempests. This book will give you many specific ideas about how to manifest that new reality. More

Snyder-Carlson pic webEverything you Need to Know about LEED v4 Interior Design ConstructionThis free webinar provides attendees with an overview of changes from LEED v2009 to the LEED v4: Interior Design and Construction rating system. The presentation will go through each of the categories of concern and map the LEED v2009 credits to the LEED v4 credits where applicable. While doing so, we will discuss the thinking behind the changes and how these will influence market transformation and building performance. The goal is to give attendees a better understanding of the new system and have confidence in their ability to use it.

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