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vSaraHS.jpgInnovation with Purpose: Hard Lessons Learned from CES Last week in Las Vegas, CES showcased, as always, a veritable garden of earthly delights. Artificial Intelligence and Alexa were everywhere. Autonomous cars zoomed around parking lots. 3D printers pumped out gadgets of every kind. Oceans of high-def TVs dazzled spectators with delightful images. Robots cleaned, virtual reality transported viewers to unimagined places, smart luggage trailed after its owners, and drones buzzed incessantly. But the real takeaway for some attendees this year wasn’t the whiz-bang of technology, it was something altogether different. More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefBig Ideas Begin on Your Street Local efforts toward sustainability can yield social and ecological rewards. More.

Ron JonesTime to Warm Up to the Big Picture and Just Be Resilient The Building Industry is eager to rebuild in the wake of destruction, but seems opposed to adopting measures that will help prevent destruction. More

Jinko Solar Today’s Smart + Solar HomeThis new resource details the convergence of residential solar and smart home tech and shows how solar delivers utility savings and increased resale value for today’s homeowners. More

Sara GuttermanSmart Home Evolution Intelligent, Connected, and Solar This webinar explores trends in the smart home products sector, the integration of enabling technologies, the convergence of smart and solar systems, and the way that this newly automated environment is altering the performance of our homes and the way that we interact with them.

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