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vSaraHS.jpgEulogy for Stephen Hawking: The Physicist Who Opened Our Eyes to the Universe By all accounts, mastermind Stephen Hawking was a marvel of science. Not only did he survive a debilitating illness for decades longer than doctors prognosticated, he uncovered groundbreaking discoveries about the nature of gravity and the very origin of the universe. In his dying days, his final warning to humanity: stop climate change at all costs. More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefThe 9-11 That Wobbled Despite near-biblical storm events in Florida and Texas, few seem to take the warning signs seriously. More.

Ron JonesTime to Warm Up to the Big Picture and Just Be Resilient The Building Industry is eager to rebuild in the wake of destruction, but seems opposed to adopting measures that will help prevent destruction. More

American StandardIntelligent Water This ebook outlines several strategies building professionals can use to make better use of our most precious resource and distinguish their projects as water wise. More

samBlockchain & The Future of Distributed Energy Resources This webinar offers cutting-edge ideas and suggestions for developers, builders, architects, utilities, and cities to deploy advanced technologies and renewables, create optimized demand-side energy strategies, and develop structures that offer a higher value proposition to buyers and owners.


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