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Sara heashot 10-1-18 VantageGame Over: Death Knell for Fossil Fuels As individuals, universities, investment funds, financial institutions, and even entire countries across the globe divest from fossil fuels, a new economic reality is emerging. The writing is on the wall, and influencers ranging from BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to Mad Money host Jim Kramer are chanting the rallying cry. More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefWhy Awards Still Matter They’re more than just a pat on the back—they steer the industry. More.

Ron JonesUse a Sensible, not Senseless Marketing Strategy They say it may be the most overused cliché of all. You know it well: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Although the quote is generally attributed to Albert Einstein, there is no proof that he really said it. But whether it indicates actual insanity or merely foolishness, the act itself makes little sense. More

GB-NFPA-eBook-1-webEnough is Enough: What Builders Can Do to Help Stop Wildfire Disasters  Enough Is Enough is the practical script for smart community design and ignition-resistant home building. Chock full of examples from the recent tragic fires in the United States, this book uses lessons learned to create a new holistic way to look at building (and rebuilding) in wildfire-prone areas. Download this free resource today  More

www.greenbuildermedia.comhubfssocial-suggested-imageswww.greenbuildermedia.comhubfsMicrosite_NV_Energy2020 WebinarsBruce_Sullivan_webHow to Design and Build an Affordable Zero Energy Home This webinar covers good design, material choices construction methods, appliances, lighting and equipment. Most importantly, you'll learn how to approach construction costs and financing so that the economic benefits will begin the moment you move in. 

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