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Sara heashot 10-1-18 Vantage Lucky Seven: Green Builder Wins Again! With humility and delight, Green Builder magazine proudly accepts the award for Best Trade Publication for the seventh year in a row from the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE). A hearty congratulations to our stalwart editorial team, and a sincere thank you to NAREE, as well as our readers, advertisers, partners, and friends, for your continued support and contribution to our ongoing success.  More

Matt Power, Editor-in-ChiefAssisted Living Technology: Urgency and Empathy Making the lives of seniors better offers technology firms a priceless objective. More.

Ron JonesHere's to a 10-Year Winning Standard Just about this time of year a decard ago, the Consensus Committee that had been seated to develop the first draft of the National Green Building Standard submitted the work to the American National Standards Institute for official approval. More

GB-MRA-eBook-cover-webFree Ebook: Metal Roofing Inspiration Book  Metal roofs are beautiful, sustainable, durable, and an all-around good choice for today’s high-performance homes.  More

file-638228181Building Science 2019 In this webinar, Editor-In-Chief Matt Power explores how these conditions has made them more than usually open to new products and systems, from envelopes to “disruptive” insulating techniques. He’ll talk about new methods of wrapping and sealing buildings, new electronic systems that offer instant energy- and water-saving feedback for homeowners, more flexible, quieter heat pumps and how solar PV installations can add value to the homes of the future.

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