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Enhance your ESG strategies, craft an ESG report, or augment your messaging and positioning with customized consulting.

Green Builder Media is the undisputed sustainability leader in the building industry. Our team has unmatched sustainability experience, market intelligence, and technical expertise to provide clients with the information they need to proactively manage ESG risks and opportunities.

When working with companies on ESG strategies, we help companies understand the ESG issues and opportunities that are most relevant to their business. By analyzing existing business practices, policies, metrics, and engagements, we help clients objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses.

We also help clients determine ESG goals and opportunities to increase revenues, enhance customer engagement, augment corporate resilience, lower cost of capital, and bolster competitive positioning.

But crafting a strategic plan alone isn’t enough—we also help companies determine how to monitor progress, track accountability, and define success with respect to ESG initiatives.

Our ESG consulting services include:

  • Materiality Assessment: Identify the ESG issues and opportunities that are most relevant to your business, most likely to impact your business performance, and most important to your stakeholders.

  • Status Report: Analyze your company’s existing practices, policies, metrics, and engagements to understand and develop an objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Goal Setting and Strategic Planning: Craft an organized plan that outlines areas that you need to maintain, improve, and optimize, as well as steps that your company needs to take to reach your ESG goals and objectives.

  • GAP Analysis: Quantify the elements that separate your current ESG state from your goals and objectives, and how you can set your company up for success to achieve your desired results.

  • ESG Roadmap: Develop a strategic framework for implementing your strategic plan, monitoring progress, determining accountability, and achieving your goals.

  • Performance Indicators: Identify clear and measurable outcomes that define success with respect to your ESG initiatives, develop centralized management systems to track metrics and monitor performance.

  • Progress Monitoring: Establish protocols to track and evaluate ESG initiatives.

  • ESG Report Creation: Understand how to effectively communicate your ESG targets, goals, and initiatives to your broad spectrum of stakeholders in an authentic and transparent way.

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