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Roads Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles a Game Changer

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Aug 11, 2020 1:23:33 PM

Adding plastic from 150,000 bottles per lane, per mile, to old pavement, this company claims their repaving lasts 2-3 times longer than standard road improvements.

A new technology from a company called Technisoil Industrial, based in Redding, Calif., is pilot testing pavement made with recycled post-consumer plastic waste. They call the material G5 Binder.

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Insulation R-Values Chart and Buyer Guide

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 10, 2020 6:30:48 PM

Choosing the best insulation isn’t as simple as comparing R-value, however. Spot and seal any leaks for best results.

You’re eager to improve the comfort of your home, and R-value, you’ve been told, is your first stop. Here’s the chart you’re looking for, but before you choose a product strictly on R-value, read on.

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Three Steps to Create Two-Zoned Attics

Posted by CR Herro

Aug 10, 2020 5:30:44 PM

CR Herro’s building science tip: If you can’t build an insulated conditioned attic in a warm climate, what’s the next best thing?

When it comes to attic spaces, a top-chord insulated attic is the best choice in a warm climate because it optimizes energy efficiency compared to conventional vented attic assemblies, preventing excess hot shingle temperature in the summer as well as buoyant heat loss in the winter.

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A Mid-Pandemic Reset of How Home Improves Life

Posted by Cati O'Keefe

Aug 10, 2020 1:46:59 PM

A new webinar, Health In the Home, will highlight new ways to consider health in homes.

On August 20 at 2 p.m. Eastern, Gene Myers, CEO of Thrive Home Builders and EPA Indoor airPLUS’s Leader of the Year, will explore how Thrive is taking health in the home to new levels in a webinar.

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Five Reasons Radiant Heating Is the Right Choice for Healthy Homes

Posted by Steve Swanson

Aug 7, 2020 4:00:19 PM

Providing superior indoor environmental quality (IEQ) is top of mind for consumers, who understand health starts in the home. 

While hydronic radiant heating has been around since the Roman times and has been the main form of heating homes throughout Europe for decades, the United States has lagged behind in adopting this technology. Currently, only about 4% of homes are heated using hydronic radiant systems while the majority use forced-air HVAC.

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COGNITION Hot Take: Modular, Prefab, and 3D Printing

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Aug 6, 2020 1:11:56 PM

Innovations in modular and prefab homes and 3D printing are projected to disrupt the housing market, gaining market adoption due to resource and labor efficiencies. 

According to COGNITION Smart Data, Green Builder Media’s suite of market intelligence services, the modular, prefab, and 3D printing sectors are mushrooming.

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Healthy Home Trends: A Builder’s Perspective

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Aug 6, 2020 11:40:40 AM

If buyers will pay 1% more for healthy home solutions, what should you offer? Here’s what Thrive Homes is doing.

The coronavirus has unleashed an explosion of interest in healthy homes. But unfortunately, many newly constructed and existing homes suffer from a range of problems that negatively impact indoor air quality. In a recent interview, pioneering high-performance builder Gene Myers, CEO of  Thrive Home Builders, offered some interesting insights about creating healthy environments.

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Webinar: Full Life Cycle Impact Approach for the Building Sector

Posted by Cati O'Keefe

Aug 5, 2020 2:06:33 PM

Join an engaging webinar with DOE expert Heather Goetsch and learn specific ways to reduce the overall life cycle impact of a building.

On August 13 at 2:00 p.m., Heather Goetsch, PhD., AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the DOE Building Technologies Office, will talk specifics on how the building industry can reduce the embodied impacts of our built world. Click to reserve your spot. 

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ICC 2021 I-Codes Available for Pre-Order

Posted by Cati O'Keefe

Aug 5, 2020 9:02:03 AM

The new I-Codes are out. Here are the highlights of the biggest changes and two important reasons every jurisdiction should update. 

The 2021 edition of the I-Codes includes updates and changes that will impact building professionals in all areas of the industry, from new wind maps to EV charger requirements to the ban of commercial cooking appliances in dwelling units. 

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The HVAC Revolution

Posted by Cati O'Keefe

Aug 4, 2020 3:11:19 PM

Carrier’s brand-new Infinity® 26 air conditioner and Infinity® 24 heat pump with Greenspeed® Intelligence answer homeowner demand for the highest quality indoor air, comfort, and unparalleled energy efficiency. Come check out all the new features!

What’s so revolutionary about Carrier’s product? A lot. So much, in fact, we detailed it in this quick-read downloadable eBook so you can learn why the Infinity 26 and Infinity 24 with Greenspeed Intelligence is the best option for today’s high-performance homes.

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Before You Mitigate Radon, Consider Your Spray Foam Insulation Options

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Jul 31, 2020 3:38:38 PM

Research shows that closed-cell spray foam insulation creates a highly effective barrier against radon gas in both new and remodeled homes.

More than half of the United States has a problem with invisible radon gas in buildings. 

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Real Estate: Topsy Turvy in the Time of COVID-19

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Jul 30, 2020 9:36:57 AM

Despite the ongoing surge in coronavirus cases, the housing market seems to be the bright spot in the economy—at least for now. Home buying activity is hitting record levels, even in the most unlikely places, turning all the rules of the game upside-down.

Health concerns from the runaway pandemic have created an exodus from cities across the country, upending traditional housing market dynamics in urban and close-in suburban areas.


Buyers are flocking to less dense outer suburbs and even rural markets, some of which have been suffering from declining home values for years, in order to find reasonably priced homes with lawns, gardens, and room to move.

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COGNITION Hot Take: Remote Working Takes Hold

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Jul 29, 2020 11:17:38 AM

The concept of work is rapidly transforming as people decide that they are ready to abandon the traditional office model in favor of telecommuting.

According to COGNITION Smart Data, Green Builder Media’s suite of market intelligence services, nearly 75% of Americans who have been able to work remotely during COVID-19 say that they don’t want to return to an office full time. Rather, they want to maintain the healthy work-life balance they have created while working from home during the pandemic, spending more time at home and less in the office. 

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