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The Flex House

Manifesting the Concept of Right-Sized Living

Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics proudly introduce the Flex House, a model for “Right-Sized” living in a small, flexible space that is completely connected, intelligent, resilient and sustainable.  To us, “Right-Sized” living doesn’t just refer to square footage.  It also means having the flexibility to adapt your home to your evolving lifestyle and consuming only the natural resources that you need—no more, no less.

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The Flex House boasts a fully integrated smart + solar system, with an advanced smart home system that streamlines energy usage.  The house serves as its own microgrid, producing all of its own energy.  The Flex House is also designed to be super-water efficient, featuring the most water conserving products and fixtures, with non-toxic, sustainable materials to ensure healthy indoor spaces.

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See Flex House at:

PCBC—June 2017, San Diego

Solar Power International—September 2017, Las Vegas

Consumer Electronics Show—January 2018, Las Vegas

Shelter Dynamics

Shelter Dynamics creates next /shelter-dynamicsgeneration housing; built more efficiently, sized for function, sustainable in design, and priced for volume sales.