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Ron Jones

Ron Jones, Co-Founder and President of Green Builder® Media, is recognized as one of the fathers of the green building movement. Instrumental in establishing guidelines and programs through NAHB, USGBC and a variety of regional initiatives, he has more recently worked with the International Code Council in the development of both the National Green Building Standard (ICC 700) and the International Green Construction Code. He is the charter chairman of the Green Builder Coalition, a grassroots non-profit advocacy group whose goal is to promote integrity in the building industry, and beyond, in an effort to return balance and harmony to the relationship between the built environment and the natural one. A recognized author and keynote speaker on four continents, his industry credentials and leadership experience, combined with his inspirational message and “take no prisoners” style, make him a high-demand presenter for conferences and events of all kinds.

Recent Posts

Welcome Again to the Restless Heart

Posted by Ron Jones

Nov 21, 2018 12:00:41 PM

Not long ago I joked with a group of people that being a builder must be comparable to being a serial killer: you can go silent for a while but that “next one” is always lurking around the backroads of your mind. Maybe the analogy isn’t really that far-fetched when you stop and think about it.

If you’re a builder, you never get over the urge to just build something. And sometimes the itch goes all the way down your arm to your hand, and you can almost feel the weight and balance of the hammer wrapped in your fingers.

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Talk to a Real Expert

Posted by Ron Jones

Sep 13, 2018 10:15:53 AM

When we dropped the tailgates and broke out the various lunch containers one day recently, I took advantage of the situation and seized the opportunity to gather some insight from some of the most legitimate sources in the industry, guys on the job.

At the upcoming EEBA High Performance Home Summit, scheduled for October 16 through 18 in San Diego, I have the privilege of providing a breakfast presentation on the final day.  I have been asked to talk about the future of the building industry, a topic I regularly give a fair amount of thought to.  Not only is this an interesting subject, and an obvious source of concern, but one that does not suffer from any shortage of opinions.   

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An Even Higher Standard

Posted by Ron Jones

Jul 26, 2018 11:24:58 AM

For a decade Green Builder Media has conducted our Green Home of the Year Awards, most recently presented in the 2018 March/April issue of this publication.  Since their inception, our awards have been the industry standard for recognizing excellence in high performance, sustainably built residential projects in all fifty states, across the continent, and beyond.  Builders from coast to coast and in Canada (this year we even enjoyed an entry from New Zealand!) have been celebrated through the program for their commitment to green building, environmental stewardship and exceptional quality.

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Greed and Spite: Twin Evils

Posted by Ron Jones

Jun 27, 2018 6:03:34 PM

The Redwood National Park in California was formed in 1968, although by that time about two-thirds of the land it occupied had already been logged. Then in 1977, a U.S. congressman from California introduced legislation that would enlarge the size of the park, and in 1978 President Carter signed it into law.

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Hysteria and Hypocrisy

Posted by Ron Jones

May 31, 2018 2:06:34 PM

If there is a single, consistent theme that epitomizes the mantra of the homebuilding industry and that its advocates relentlessly roll out, it is the absolute opposition to regulations.  In the observation of this 29-year member, the bread and butter of the National Association of Home Builders advocacy efforts is totally dependent on successfully harnessing this resentment of existing regulatory oversight and the fear of additional new rules.  Seems it’s always good to encourage a little hysteria amid the flock.

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The More Things Stay the Same, the More They Need to Change

Posted by Ron Jones

May 8, 2018 8:25:09 PM

When I turned the pages of my calendar to 2018 a while back, I realized that this marks my 35th continuous year as a licensed general contractor. And although I don’t build for clients anymore, preferring to work exclusively on our own demonstration projects instead, I still renew the license each time it comes due.

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Thinking 'About' the Box, Not Outside It

Posted by Ron Jones

Jan 23, 2018 10:51:24 AM

Big Ideas? Apparently, everybody has them.

Apparently, everybody has them. All you have to do is listen to their messaging. It seems the killer business strategy nowadays is to latch onto the latest buzzword and ride that baby until the wheels fall off, or at least until it is replaced by whatever comes next.

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Time to Warm Up to the Big Picture and Just Be Resilient

Posted by Ron Jones

Jan 12, 2018 8:04:23 AM

The Building Industry is eager to rebuild in the wake of destruction, but seems opposed to adopting measures that will help prevent destruction.

Back in November, I closely followed the weather reports in a month that proved to be one of the warmest on record for our part of the world. The television weather reporters and news anchors gleefully cheered the unseasonable temperatures, often in sportswear and sleeveless tops to illustrate the point.

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Get It in Writing

Posted by Ron Jones

Nov 29, 2017 4:25:00 PM

THERE IS AN OLD ADAGE of cowboy wisdom that says, “trust everybody in the game, but always cut the cards.” It’s another way of saying that while trust and communication are essential to a fair game and a successful outcome, in the final analysis, you have to watch out for your own interests, rather than leaving them in the hands of others.

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Time for All Builders­—and Insurers—to Embrace a Higher Standard

Posted by Ron Jones

Oct 19, 2017 3:04:18 PM

We find ourselves in a most interesting time for homebuilders.

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Want to be a true leader? Look ahead, not back.

Posted by Ron Jones

Sep 14, 2017 12:36:58 PM

Our annual Eco-Leaders edition provides a lot of interesting information on what’s new and advanced in our industry. But I hope it also serves to stimulate one’s thinking about what leadership is and what it represents.

It isn’t easy to come up with an original statement describing leadership, at least one that is meaningful. Most attempts to distill the essence of leadership into a sentence, a slogan or a marketing campaign end up sounding cliché and contrived.

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New Codes, Old Problems

Posted by Ron Jones

Aug 16, 2017 12:50:47 PM

Creating codes for resilient buildings proves complicated, as usual.

ANOTHER BATTLEFRONT is taking shape on the already-crowded fields of conflict that define the relationship between the regulatory sector and the homebuilding industry. However, I don’t intend to suggest the ongoing battles around energy codes, proposed fire sprinkler mandates, stormwater management, wetlands designations, silica rules, endangered species, updated overtime compensation requirements and a host of others conflicts have been resolved—or even quieted significantly. The call for more resilient buildings is simply another brewing fight to add to the list.

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Codes in the Headlines

Posted by Ron Jones

Jul 13, 2017 1:01:08 PM

Serious code issues never make the news … unless it’s about a disaster or sensational failure.

Sadly, we usually only hear or read about codes in the wake of disasters involving buildings and other manmade structures. A good case in point is the recent catastrophic fire in a London high-rise apartment building where it is alleged that unapproved, possibly illegal, materials were used in a renovation that resulted in extensive destruction and tragic loss of life.

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