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Westlake Royal Building Products

Westlake Royal Building Products is providing durable and energy-saving Newpoint Concrete Roof Tile, which is manufactured with a small carbon footprint, using only naturally occurring, abundant resources. The Westlake Royal Cool Roof System reduces energy consumption and enables homes to achieve up to 22% in energy savings annually, and is designed to enhance ventilation, energy efficiency, resiliency and long-term performance.   Westlake is also providing manufactured stone solutions by Cultured Stone.  

Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool is providing a suite of kitchen and laundry appliances that are energy and water efficient, high design, connected, and reliable, including refrigerators with advanced temperature management systems and humidity-controlled crispers; smart dishwashers with programmable cycles and quiet operation; high performance induction cooktops with precise temperature control; and super-efficient heat pump dryers. 

Mohawk Builder+Multifamily

Mohawk is providing EverStrand, a premium carpet made from recycled plastic and Mohawk’s patented Continuum process that is clean, strong, stain resistant, eco-conscious and beautiful, as well as PureTech resilient flooring, 100% PVC-free and made from 70% total recycled content with an organic core comprised of 80% renewable, plant-based materials. PureTech is waterproof, durable, and scratch resistant, offering a WetProtect warranty and pet scratch protection warranty. 


Sunnova, an adaptive energy services company, is providing solar, energy management, battery storage and Electric Vehicle charging solutions. 

SPAN Logo-2

SPAN is providing a home energy management solution to efficiently monitor and improve energy usage patterns and make the most out of solar and storage systems. The SPAN system allows homeowners to safely and cost-effectively electrify their home without increasing the power their home draws from the utility provider.


DuPont is providing Tyvek DrainWrap Water-Resistive Barrier, which works behind cladding to divert bulk water away from structures while allowing vapor to pass through, as well as Tyvek Tape, which seals the seams in the building envelope and helps improve energy efficiency through reduced air leakage.  For windows and doors, the homes will utilize DuPont FlexWrap, a self-adhering butyl flashing that works with DrainWrap to keep water out, fitting perfectly in hard-to-seal corners. Additionally, DuPont Flashing Tape works alongside FlexWrap to protect the window and door jambs and heads against water damage, increase building comfort and improve energy efficiency. These products work together to establish durable protection from water and air infiltration for years to come. 


Greenfiber is supplying SANCTUARY®, an innovative biogenic, carbon negative insulation product that diverts paper from landfills, reducing carbon and methane emissions, and sequesters carbon for the life of the home (up to 75 years).   


Broan-NuTone is providing ventilation and filtration systems to create healthier spaces, including an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) capable of up to 75% energy recovery efficiency (meaning it will take significantly less energy to heat and cool the house while filtering the incoming air), designed to provide fresh air in any season and installation climate. Broan bathroom exhaust fans will also be featured, which are equipped with antimicrobial lights that prevent the growth of bacteria and mold with the flip of a switch. 



Residio is providing smart home technology that provides critical comfort, energy management, and safety and security solutions. Residio’s connected home technology, like smart thermostats and leak detection systems, helps homeowners save crucial resources, like energy and water, and curb high utility costs without sacrificing comfort.   


LiftMaster powered by myQ

myQ LiftMaster is providing comprehensive garage access solutions with intuitive software solutions, which comprise a myQ ecosystem that delivers seamless, secure access and a robust smart-home experience. 


WD New Logo (1) (1)

Windsor Door is providing sustainable garage doors that are made with over 75% recycled steel content, which can be infinitely recycled and reused without quality loss. The glass, insulation, and engineered wood that Windsor uses in its garage doors are also produced with measurable amounts of recycled content. 

Organized Living

Organized Living is providing high-quality home storage and organization systems, making storage for every area of the home easy. In addition to exceptional products, Organized Living offers workflow automation software and unmatched customer support.