Watch: The Heat Pump Tech Path to Net Zero, Net Carbon

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Experts on the importance of electrification and decarbonization Sam Rashkin and Chad Gillespie offer a definitive path forward for residential solutions for a greener planet.

This video offers a quick overview of the importance of the residential housing industry moving toward electrification and decarbonization to reduce stress points on the planet. But the real meat of the vid is how heat pump technology represents a pragmatic approach to moving the needle on efficiency. 

“Heat pumps are critical … at the building level. As we move more towards renewable energy, we have really low carbon electricity coming into houses and buildings, heat pumps are the natural fit to condition these buildings,” says Chad Gillespie, Senior Manager, Performance Construction, Mitsubishi Trane HVAC US.

Gillespie covers important topics within this category, such as: 

  • The specific importance of HVAC in getting to a net-zero future. 
  • The role of codes in moving home building to electrification.
  • How advanced tech is taking the place of “brute force” in space conditioning.
  • The ways utility infrastructure will be altered by electrification. 
  • How Mitsubishi is tackling this issue with products that are comfortable, affordable, and super-efficient. 


Watch the video here and also check out Mitsubishi in action in the VISION House Scottsdale, including more specific product information and thoughts about heat pump technology from a building performance expert.