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I keep saying disruption is coming to the housing industry because it has to; do the math. We have to find faster, better, and higher-value solutions for building new homes. Come hear some of the most impactful solutions to the problem at the May 29 webinar.

Point Number One: We have a more efficient workforce imperative. The average age of the construction worker today is over 42 years old. Meanwhile, for every five of these aging workers who retire, there are only two new workers in the pipeline to replace them. And that is at a time when over 90 percent of builders surveyed struggle to find adequate trade workforce for their projects. Workforce availability, quality, training, and cost are all getting worse rather than better.

Point Number Two: we have a zero-energy home imperative. Consider the following recent developments that all point to accelerating pressure on builders to figure out how to get to zero in the near term. They include: 

  • a growing number of states adopting zero energy-ready codes.
  • the latest 2015, 2018, and 2021 International Energy Conservation Codes being equivalent to a zero-energy-ready enclosure.
  • 45L tax credits substantially increasing certification to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program.
  • a commitment to 100% ZERH certification by large national builders (e.g., Beazer Homes) and the nation's largest HUD-code home manufacturer (Clayton Homes).
  • a new HUD mandate that all new home mortgages issued by FHA, VA, and the Department of Agriculture have to be 2021 IECC compliant. 

Welcome to the first of our 2024 Housing 2.0 Thought Leader Webinars on Zero Energy Modular Homes. It will be held May 29 at 2 pm. ET. This systems-built volumetric construction method has come a long way. That’s why we invited Brandon Weiss, Chief Innovation Officer from DVELE, to share that company’s advanced solutions for integrating zero energy performance into factory production and address both the more efficient workforce and getting to zero imperatives.

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Look for Brad to highlight high-performance home measures that have proven most cost-effective, lessons learned integrating zero in modern architecture designs that are optimized for factory production, and how they develop complete turn-key solutions for their builder and homeowner customers.

Change is coming quicker than you think. Take this opportunity to learn about an important systems-built option that can help you be future-ready in this important webinar.  Click here to register!