The Demand for Healthy Homes on the Rise

The risk of wildfire, COVID and extreme heat has placed healthy indoor environments top of mind for homebuyers.

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As part of the Housing 2.0 series, Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, hosted a discussion with Sam Rashkin and Ken Nelson on how healthy homes can build consumer trust. Rashkin is the founder of the Housing 2.0 program and author of the book Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide. Nelson is the group sales manager of ventilation at Panasonic Life Solutions Company.


To start, Rashkin defines a healthy home as having three things – source control (keeps contaminants out), dilution (diluting any residual contaminants) and filtration (air going in and out of the HVAC is taking out particulates). “It’s simple, and it's an amazing benefit for the buyer,” Rashkin points out. 

Nelson mentions Panasonic’s healthy home solutions mitigate supply air challenges such as wildfires, pollen, VOCs and pm2.5 particulates. A healthy home starts by using products and systems, and “we’re trying to help the builder build a better product, help the industry provide a better product and then help the homeowner live a better life,” Nelson explains.

When it comes to the challenging experience of purchasing a home, there are simple ways that builders can gain trust through producing healthy homes. Rashkin acknowledges that “the Indoor airPLUS certification is a great way to enhance trust because it's an independent verification.”

“Any home you build moving forward has to embrace this new demand by consumers,” Rashkin presses. 

Listen in on the conversation to learn more about the importance of indoor air quality, consumer willingness to pay, and ways to gain trust through providing healthy homes.