Housing 2.0: Live in Atlanta

The Housing 2.0 presentation in Atlanta has already taken place.  Visit our Housing 2.0 page to see future opportunities for online and in-person Housing 2.0 events.

When we began the Housing 2.0 Program, it was less than a year after the COVID pandemic brought the world to a halt. Naturally, we offered it in a virtual format only, since in-person events were rare at that time. Even if you had a group of people who wanted to congregate together, we also had to be cognizant of the widespread reduction in travel budgets that made in-person events difficult to hold.

As we get further away from March 2020, people are more comfortable gathering again. There are thousands of people walking around Design & Construction Week as I write this. I’m guessing many of you reading this have either attended a work or family function outside of your state of residence in the past 3-12 months. Things are returning to some semblance of normal.


Back to Face Time

The Housing 2.0 Program has adapted as well. We started introducing live, in-person events in 2022. I was one of three people representing Housing 2.0 at EEBA 2022 in Scottsdale, AZ. I got to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and, apropos to this blog, experience Housing 2.0 live and in-person. 

The response was even better than I anticipated, and I saw all the registrations as they came in. We had to bring extra chairs into the room or else it would have truly been standing-room only.

Once Housing 2.0’s Sam Rashkin got the proceedings under way, the attendees were locked in and focused. They had questions, both during the various segments and during the breaks. What the in-person experience gave me was seeing the gratitude on the faces of the attendees when they got their question(s) addressed. (In the virtual environment, we just get a “Thanks!” in text on a screen, which is nice, but we don’t see their face brighten up or the proverbial light bulb go on over their heads.) 

I also got to know a little more about some of the attendees and their back stories. It’s always interesting to me to learn how people made their way to green building, so I appreciated meeting attendees like the couple from North Central Illinois or Doug from Doug Tarry Homes.

Manufacturers Integral to Great Housing

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the sponsors because without them this wonderful program wouldn’t exist. Through in-person events, they get to engage with attendees as well. 

And I know what you’re thinking: Oh, they get to trap attendees and give them a hard sales pitch. I’ll tell you exactly what I saw: I saw sponsors give brief presentations, just like they do in our virtual workshops, but I also saw sponsors and attendees actively engaged in conversations during breaks. 

This wasn’t a one-way sales plea; insightful discussions were being had about what products builders were currently using, what they had tried in the past, what they’d like to see in new product development, when new products might be available, etc. It was a real give-and-take of information, with Sam weighing in as well.

The Next Housing 2.0 In-Person Experience

The next opportunity to experience an in-person Housing 2.0 event is a little less than two months from now: Coverings is an event taking place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta in late April. 

They have partnered with Green Builder Media to make this one-day seminar a reality. On April 23, from 9 am-5 pm ET, you’ll have a chance to experience Housing 2.0 in person. Sam will go through all 6 modules (Intro and 5 optimization areas), with lunch provided, for only $125.


This Housing 2.0 presentation is sponsored by:  Jinko Solar,   Mitsubishi Electric Panasonic, and Schneider Electric