Getting to Zero for Least Cost: A Home Builder’s Story

In this Housing 2.0 Thought Leader webinar, a builder offers a practical, cost-effective approach to getting to net zero.

Getting to Zero for Least Cost A Home Builder’s Story

Tens of thousands of new homes have been certified to zero energy and zero energy ready home programs in the United States and Canada. 

Occasionally you find a builder who can find the sweet spot combining cost-optimized high-performance home best practices with outstanding design and community experiences. Scott Sanders is one of those few. 

Under the name BrightLeaf Homes, he is a five-time Housing Innovation Award winner with DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes for infill subdivisions in Chicago. Now Scott has now transitioned to systems building with Kinexx Modular—and he’s ready to share what he’s learned in the process of extracting value out of the home building process.

Don’t miss Scott’s practical approach to constructing high-performance homes at least cost and how he is now applying critical lessons learned to modular construction. 

Those of you following the Housing 2.0 program know performance optimization and systems building are critical innovations for the future the industry. Once the homebuilding industry starts offering high-performance developments or subdivisions, that’s when we can more readily entertain concepts like grid-tied microgrids and neighborhood-scale rainwater capture and reuse.  

This Housing 2.0 presentation is sponsored by:  Jinko Solar,  Panasonic, Schneider Electric and LG HVAC