Watch: Experts Weigh In On How to Build the Best Houses

Listen in on this discussion between two building industry experts who discuss housing disruption, new housing trends, indoor air quality, and much more.

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This video delves into innovation in housing. From how to design and build quality housing to the vital importance of good indoor air quality, Kevin Smith, General Manager of Life and Device Solutions at Panasonic Canada and Housing 2.0’s Sam Rashkin address the following important issues for today’s home builders:

  • Crisis and disruption bearing down on the housing industry … and ways to succeed through the evolution.
  • What building construction data tells us and how to use it.  
  • The user experience imperative: what it is and how to benefit from it. 
  • New game-changing technologies and how they will change the industry.
  • Rapidly developing innovations targeting health and homes.
  • The five most important indoor air quality risks and how to address them.

Smith and Rashkin cover these topics plus others. Got 23 minutes? Sit back and get caught up on the latest housing trends. Want to learn more about these topics, check out our Housing 2.0 program (the next session starts February 24) or buy Rashkin’s book on the topic. 

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