Housing 2.0 Program: Transform Your Business in 12 Hours

With soaring material prices, labor challenges, and shortages on everything from lumber to lighting, it's a challenging time to be in the building sector. Housing 2.0 will set you on the path to building success.

Transformation is afoot as these obstacles force us to rethink the way that we design and build structures.

That's why Green Builder Media and Sam Rashkin, former Department of Energy Chief Architect and esteemed building scientist, have joined forces to offer Housing 2.0, a pioneering training and education program focused on disruption in the housing industry. 

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Source: National Association of Home Builders

The curriculum has been designed to teach building professionals how to implement 30 percent to 70 percent cost savings for every new home built, and how to navigate the intense challenges that are plaguing our sector.

The program includes virtual workshops facilitated by Rashkin, online courses taught by industry experts, Action Groups that will enable participants to apply the Housing 2.0 fundamentals to their projects as well as access to proprietary content, business recommendations, and market intelligence. 

In 12 hours (six 2-hour sessions), we can help you optimize your business! The next session begins September 2.


This program is delivering significant value. But don’t take our word for it—here are some testimonials from recent program participants: 

  • “My time is worth a lot because I only have so much more of it. I’m choosing to spend my time with Sam, Green Builder Media, and the rest of you because it’s the most important thing I can be doing right now.”—Ted Clifton, President, TC Legend Homes 
  • “I just completed your Housing 2.0 workshop. I found the workshop to be fantastic. Extremely informative, well organized, and educational. My background comes from larger builders where knowledge about health, energy, sustainability, etcetera was not that important at the time. I might actually have to watch the modules again to get the full benefit. Again, very well done.”—Doyle Dudley, Director of Purchasing, Thrive Home Builders
  • “My experience with Housing 2.0 as a small developer was, in a word: invaluable. What I most appreciated was the constant focus on data-driven, market-tested, real-world solutions. This was no "feel good" workshop featuring inspirational platitudes. Instead, everything was presented in a way that was easy to understand and implement. Sam has a way of conveying information in a way that resonates with clarity. And there were a lot of other post-workshop opportunities to collaborate with other professionals through action groups. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. Any developer, architect, general contractor, sustainability consultant, real estate broker, or other professional experts would undoubtedly benefit from attending Housing 2.0."—Nick Lerek, Darlington & Associates LLC, Santa Fe area developer

To learn more about Housing 2.0 and to register, visit the Housing 2.0 microsite.

Want a taste of the Housing 2.0 program? Watch Rashkin’s free webinar Why the Housing Industry Is Long Overdue for Disruption.

The next workshop series begins on September 2.  Can’t make that series?  Don’t fret!  The Q4 workshop series begins on November 4.

The Housing 2.0 program is made possible by the generous support of building industry leaders, including Mitsubishi ElectricZIP SystemPanasonic, and Schneider Electric.