Watch: Heat Pumps Stay In Electrification Spotlight

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Heat pump technology plays a pivotal role in the transformation towards net zero and full-scale electrification. Mitsubishi Electric Trane’s CEO offers a succinct explanation of the benefits of heat pump technology.

Heat pumps offer the opportunity for homeowners to completely electrify their homes. In this short video, learn about how modern heat pumps work better than conventional ones. 

In fact, according to Mark Kuntz CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Trane, “A modern heat pump can take a temperature outdoors as low as negative 13°F and still produce efficient space heating and water heating. And that's where the big difference is, that's technology that didn't exist 20 years ago, 15 years ago, even 10 years ago. And it's the change that's allowing us to think about heat pumps as the solution for everywhere in the country.”


This video interview with Kuntz includes information about: 

  • The role of super-tight houses in the adoption of new heat pump tech.
  • How modern heat pumps match energy loads more precisely than conventional models.
  • Why new heat pumps work in any climate. 
  • What “electric strip heat” is and why it needs to be eliminated. 
  • How modern heat pumps play a big role in a net carbon and decarbonized future.

Watch the video. Also, read about heat pump technology in this Arizona retrofit home case study.