Webinar: The Future of Home Performance is All-Electric

This webinar explores the benefits, best practices, and new technologies emerging in the housing industry with regards to electrification.

Electrification is key to fighting the effects of climate change and mitigating our dependence on fossil fuels. For electrification to happen in a timely manner, it will have to take place on the customer side of the meter, which means that energy demand must be reduced.

In this webinar, renowned building science consultant Steve Easley uses real world examples to demonstrate cost effective approaches to maximizing home performance and comfort.

Easley will focus on strategies to reduce energy demand through building enclosure best practices and products for performance and comfort through new technologies such as HVAC’s and ERV’s. Learn HVAC installation and heat pump water heating do’s and don’ts.

View this recorded webinar.

About our presenter

Steve Easley 300x300Steve Easley is an internationally recognized construction consultant specializing in solving building science related problems and helping builders reduce costly call backs. He provides seminars nationally, educating building industry professionals and their trade partners. His work focuses on increasing quality of construction, sustainability, performance, and reducing costly mistakes that lead to construction defects and call backs.

Steve’s mission is helping industry professionals build & remodel structures that are durable, energy efficient, healthy and comfortable to live and work in. He has more than 25 years of industry experience, performing thousands of jobsite quality surveys throughout the US. He has presented building science seminars, webinars and videos around the world with an annual audience of 8-10,000 industry professionals.

Steve is a frequently requested speaker because of his practical approach to building science and using real-world examples to show what works and what doesn’t. He is known for his dynamic speaking style and his unique ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms that can be easily integrated into practice.

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