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3 Reasons Not to Use Plastic Instead of Housewrap

DOE Tries to Preserve Water Efficiency for Showerheads, Clothes Washers

COGNITION Hot Take: Millennials Flooding the Housing Market

Climate Change Accelerates

ICC Uses Innovation to Address Future Building Realities

The Secrets of an Indomitable Soul

COGNITION Hot Take: Smart Home Essentials

Vancouver, B.C., Tries Zero Emissions Space and Water Heating

Building Code Changes Around the Nation

Existing Home Makeover: Energy Loss Through Glass

COGNITION Hot Take: Hot Markets for Millennial Home Buyers

Easy Steps to Healthy Home

A Guide to Energy-Efficient Multi-Story Buildings

The Tie In Between Radiant Floors and Indoor Environmental Quality

ICC Offers Advice on Remote Virtual Inspections

Stalled Bills Encourage Solar, Self-Sufficiency

Ebook: Make Every House a Smart Home

COGNITION Hot Take: Water Crisis Swells

The Forever House: ReVISION House Scottsdale Unveiled

How to Insulate Your Basement

Kansas Building Code Update: Johnson County

Net Zero Webinar—Building Science and Consumer Expectations

How to Pick the Right Housewrap

Home Energy Efficiency Data Sways Buyers

COGNITION Hot Take: COVID’s Impact on the Labor Force

Remodeling Rises as Industry Stalwarts Rally

New Net Zero Alliance Expedites Zero-Impact Future

Webinar: Code Update—Moving Towards Net Zero

COGNITION Hot Take: Urgent Need for Affordable Housing

Kamala and Climate

Utah Passes Two Bills Impacting Energy Efficiency

IAPMO to Develop Manual on Safe Water Shutdown In Emergencies

Roads Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles a Game Changer

Insulation R-Values Chart and Buyer Guide

Existing Home Makeover: Two-Zoned Attics

A Mid-Pandemic Reset of How Home Improves Life

Five Reasons Radiant Heating Is the Right Choice for Healthy Homes

COGNITION Hot Take: Modular, Prefab, and 3D Printing

Healthy Home Trends: A Builder’s Perspective

Webinar: Full Life Cycle Impact Approach for the Building Sector

ICC 2021 I-Codes Available for Pre-Order

The HVAC Revolution

Before You Mitigate Radon, Consider Your Spray Foam Insulation Options

Real Estate: Topsy Turvy in the Time of COVID-19

COGNITION Hot Take: Remote Working Takes Hold

COVID-19 Housing Case Study: Still Booked Solid

Maverick No More

How to Use the Performance Path to Meet Energy Codes

New Mexico Considers Revisions to Energy Code

Saved by (Net) Zero

New Guidance for Atmospheric Water Generators

COVID-19 Housing Case Study: Less Activity, Higher Conversion

Electric Vehicles Save About $14,500 Over 15-Year Fuel Costs

USGBC Helps Municipalities to Become Resilient

Get Listed In the Zero Energy Inventory

COGNITION Hot Take: Home Buying Surges

COVID-19 and Housing Case Study: Reducing Overhead


Call for Interest: Code Development Process Committee

Neighborhood SolarShares Program Launches in Sacramento

Study: 81 Million Americans Lack Space to Follow COVID-19 Recommendations

Thinking Deeper: Earth Sheltered Houses

Webinar: Zero is the Future of Housing….And No Extra Cost if Optimized

Tiny RV Home Sales Boom in Florida as Pandemic Rages

ICC and SEAOC Release New Seismic Design Manuals

SIPA Call for Projects

Navigating the Path Ahead for Home Building

Home Buyers Shift Priorities During Pandemic

Extreme Weather Expected This Summer

Another Conservation Law Bites the Dust

Study: COVID-19 Isn’t Only Risk to People Staying Home

Sensor Measures CO2 to Adjust HVAC

North Carolina Studies Repetitive Flooding Risk

IAPMO’s Water Demand Calculator Available for Download

Smart Green Building in the Age of a Pandemic

DIY on the Rise

The IECC - Onward With Online Voting

VISION House at Mariposa Meadows: Exterior Motives

COGNITION Hot Take: Gen Xers Are Not Okay

Remove the Bad Septic Odor From Your Home for About $100

Better Buildings Offers Two Webinars

Federal Tax Credit Extension

Three Keys to Reducing Airborne Covid-19 in Elementary Schools

IAPMO Solicits Proposals for 2024 UPC, UMC

New Study Finds U.S. Real Estate at Far Higher Risk of Flooding than FEMA Estimates

Solving for Climate Change

COGNITION Hot Take: Electrification Trends

As Lockdowns End, How Will Kitchens Change?

COGNITION Hot Take: Safe Homes for All?

Where Are We Now?

HOPE for HOMES Act of 2020 Gets Bipartisan Support.

Pandemic-Proof Products for a Healthy Home

Building Code Changes: Florida, Delaware, New Jersey

COGNITION Hot Take: Kitchen Redesigns on the Rise

Is the Housing Market on the Rebound, and Who’s Actually Buying?

Omaha Makes Big Code Update

Notes From the Eye of the Storm: Assessing the Direction of Housing Data

Free Webinar:  Fire Season is Here! Is Your Home Protected?

U.S. Senate Passes Navajo Utah Rights Settlement Act

From Chaos Comes Opportunity

IAPMO Seeks Canadian Reps for Committee

Comments Sought to Support Net Metering

Homeownership Options for the Rest of Us

Sell now. Build later.

Free Webinar: Mass Timber is Here!  Catch the Trends.

Pandemic Water Use Rises Sharply

Special Report: Net Zero is Here.  Are you Ready?

Survey: Rental Delinquincies Likely Far Worse Than Reported

Review: Solving Multiple Indoor Air Problems with a Panasonic ERV

Free Webinar: Net Zero in Action

Brilliant Adds Garage Door Control to Genie Smart Home Package

Offset Embodied Carbon With Solar Panels

Invest in Knowledge

COGNITION Hot Take: Consumers Want Net Zero Homes

Post-Frame Net Zero House Has Proven Popular Among Would-Be Buyers

Immediately Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in the Face of COVID-19

Special Report: We Got This.

Follow the Light

COVID, Climate, and the Clean Economy

Reopening? Here's a Quick Fire Safety Checklist

Stay-At-Home Basement Transformation

Free Ebook: Strides in Fire Safety for Mass Wood Timber Buildings

Free Webinar: Connected Living Trends—What's in Demand?

Daily Average of CO2 Levels Globally Hits Terrifying New High of 418.12 ppm

Net Zero Imperative

COGNITION Hot Take: How will the Coronavirus Change the Housing Sector?

Carbon Emissions Turned Back 10 Years

The Finer Selling Qualities of Quality of Life

Modular Coalition Creates Replicable COVID-19 Design

2021 IECC: Massive Changes or Incremental Improvements?

The Path Ahead

Environmental Insurgence

COGNITION Hot Take: Shifting Coronavirus Sentiment

Toilet Paper is Not the Answer

New Bio-Bug Targets Plastic

Free Webinar: Coronavirus and Systemic Changes in the Housing Industry

The Accelerated Uptick in Health and Wellness

Federal Relief Should Support Healthier Energy Efficiency

Free Webinar: Riding Out The Storm

Emerging Climate-Fueled Megadrought in Western US Rivals Any Over Past 1,200 Years

New Technical Review Published on Botanic Gardens' Role in Environmental Sustainability

COGNITION Hot Take: How are our kids coping?

California’s Grid Is Ready for All-Electric Buildings

Heat Pump Magic

Free Ebook: Safe Havens in Turbulent Times

Sanitizing Lamp in Bathroom Vent Fan Takes Aim at Mold and Bacteria Growth

COGNITION Monthly Snapshot: Indoor Air Quality—A New Urgency

The 2021 Energy Code Is Final–and More Efficient than Ever

Return of the Garden

New York Begins Solar Market Recovery With Permitting Fix for Large Scale Projects

Earth Day Action: Whole Home Solutions to Fight Climate Change

NRDC Defends Against Attacks on Hard-Won Efficiency Standard

Study: Decades of Air Pollution Could Boost COVID-19 Death Toll

Free Webinar: Demystifying Zero

Building Product Factories Remain at Full Speed Despite COVID-19 (So Far)

COGNITION Monthly Snapshot: Coronavirus Leads to Changes in Homebuying

Trump Administration Seizes Coronavirus Pandemic to Roll Back Environmental Regulations

How to Avoid Doubling Home Energy Use During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Six Facts About Trump’s Clean Cars Rollback

Food Security Without Hoarding is Possible

Is the COVID-19 Outbreak a Black Swan or the New Normal?

Special Report: Coronavirus and the Homebuilding Sector

MRA Offers 7 Tips For Tackling Home Improvement Projects From Home

Ventilation-How to Filter COVID-19 from Indoor Air

This is Why Enforcing Drastic Isolation Measures Is Important

The Pandemic Resistant Bathroom

Homebuilding in the Time of Coronavirus

Scientists and Experts Know Things: We Should Listen to Them

Coronavirus and the Phoenix

Why don’t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency as coronavirus?

Mariposa Dreamin’…

The Pros and Cons of “Growth”

Energy Efficient Code Advocates Hand NAHB Code Resisters Major Setback

World’s Richest Man Pledges $10 billion to Fight Climate Change. Is that Good?

Dry Landscaping Inspiration

Video: Zero Waste Kitchens – Upcycle and Recycle

Game Over: Death Knell for Fossil Fuels

The Back Story: Labor, Materials and Land Costs

Transitioning from a Water-Consuming to a Xeriscaped Yard

A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance: An annotated version of Larry Fink’s Bombshell CEO Letter by Andrew Winston

Why Awards Still Matter

Study: Coastal Floridians Don't Believe in Sea Level Rise

Making the Connection: Green Buildings and Transportation

82 Million Reasons to Hope

Megatrends Driving Market Transformation

2020 Sustainability Awards: Green Innovations of the Year

2020 Sustainability Awards: Sustainable Cities of the Year

We May Not Be Cooking with Gas Much Longer

2020 Sustainability Awards: Sustainability Superhero

Use a Sensible, not Senseless Marketing Strategy

VISION House Seattle Cascades: Triple Play

Green Builder Media Celebrates our 12th Annual Home of the Year Winners!

Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman on Channel 8 News

Green Home of the Year and Sustainability Awards Announced

Building Industry Alert: THE Conference You Need to Attend To Succeed In the New Decade

Is the Business Roundtable Statement Just Empty Rhetoric?

Water: A Balancing Act

The Age of Fire

Racing Against Extinction

What 1,000 CEOs Really Think About Climate Change and Inequality

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