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We Repeat ... Housing Disruption Is Here

Millennial Showhouse Launches in Austin

New Technologies Reduce Home Energy Needs

ICC In Hot Seat with House Energy and Commerce Committee

Enchanté, Paris!

Green Furniture for the Future

The Case for Introducing Rationality into the Home Financing Process

Why the Housing Industry Is Long Overdue for Disruption

Apartment Complex Is EarthCraft Platinum and Affordable

Rid Your Air of COVID

Net Zero Now Builds Indestructible Elegance for $10k Premium

Sizzling Hot Solar

The Case for Electric Living

COGNITION Hot Take: Notable Housing Market Trends

Mariposa Meadows: A Photojournalism Tale

Inflection Point?

DOE ZERH: Mountainside Architectural Beauty

COGNITION Hot Take: 2021 Housing Outlook

ICC Is Helping Special Interests Steamroll the Code Development Process

Builder Groups Aim to Undermine Recent Landslide Vote for Stricter Energy Codes

Adieu 2020!

Al Fresco Living Accelerates During Pandemic

COGNITION Hot Take: The Magnetic Appeal of Induction Cooking

Powering Up

Material Shortages Point to Alternative Products

Code Development Process Faces Internal Attack

COGNITION Hot Take: The Touchless Phenomenon

Being Peace

New Guide Addresses Stagnant Water in Buildings with Low Occupancy

TruStile Doors Raise the Bar on Sustainable MDF Production

Housing 2.0: A Special Invitation from Sam Rashkin

Building the New Normal Together

Hybrid Wall System Merges Standard Framing with Spray Foam and Rigid Board to Drastically Reduce Energy Bills

Generation Z Is “Generation Green”

Extreme Weather Means Costly Future

Video: Spray-on GreenFire Product Offers Last Line of Defense Against Runaway Wildfires

Will We Build Back Better?

COGNITION Hot Take: Remodeling Hits Record Highs

The Forever House: Remodeling for Sanctuary

Webinar: State of the Construction Industry

COGNITION Hot Take: Millennials Changing Homebuying Rules

More Power, Please

With Additional Bracing, Styrofoam Can Serve as Sheathing Without OSB Panels

Net Zero Homes Webinar: A Behind-the-Walls Tour

Building for Relevance

Return to the Great Outdoors

Kansas City First City to Adopt 2021 IECC

COGNITION Hot Take: How Are We Doing?

“When It’s Too Hard For Them, It’s Just Right For Us”

Webinar: The (Rapidly) Evolving Definition of Healthy Home and What Consumers Crave Most

COGNITION Hot Take: Prime Time for Wind and Solar

Introducing Housing 2.0: Prepare for Massive Disruption

High Road to HVAC

Pausing Pandora

COGNITION Hot Take: Engaging Today’s Homebuyers

More Contractors Turn to Insulated Concrete Forms As they ‘Power Through’ Pandemic Obstacles

5 Sustainable Building Manufacturers

COGNITION Hot Take: Remodeling Trend on the Rise

The Responsibility and Opportunity of Clean Air

Cavitymate System Insulates and Seals Brick Exteriors Simultaneously

Codes Around the U.S.: Delaware, Vermont, D.C.

Every Facet of HVAC Manufacturer Greens Up

Green Windows and Doors From a Sustainable Manufacturer

Vantage: COVID-Accelerated Technology Adoption Enhances Efficiencies

COGNITION Hot Take: P is the New V

Podcast Illustrates How Building Codes Can Help Communities Prepare for Emergencies

Panel System Offers Labor-Friendly Upgrade for Residential Exteriors

Building Product Manufacturer Moves Towards 100% Renewables

COGNITION Hot Take: Homeowners Brave the Elements

Transformation of Work

Prevent Stagnant Water in Home Plumbing Systems

A Radical Rethink on Home Energy Storage

Lennox Focuses on “Perfect Air”—Raises Bar for Residential HVAC

The Heat Pump Imperative

COGNITION Hot Take: Looming Air Conditioning Crisis?

One Company; Three Ways to Net Zero

Net-Zero Everywhere

Three Myths About All-Electric Appliances

All-Renewable Energy Is an “Everyday” Affair

COGNITION Hot Take: Home Buying? It’s for the Girls.

Across-the-Board Environmental Commitment

Solar Technology Leader Walks the Walk

Sticks and Stones

Austin Uses Code to Protect Against Wildfire

Show Home Lives Bright With Colorful Joint Compound

RESNET Launches COVID-19 Impact Info Series

COGNITION Hot Take: Impending Material Shortages

A New Role for HVAC

ICC Learn Live Digital Event to Be Held in November

Righting Systemic Wrongs in the Construction Industry

Wealthy Suburbs Produce 15 Times More Emissions Than Their Neighbors

Home Building Market Reaches New Heights

COGNITION Hot Take: Home Prices Mirror Pattern Before 2006 Housing Bubble Burst

EEBA High Performance Home Summit Discount Available

Contest Launches: Explain RESNET Standards In a Video to Win

Heat Waves Turn Deadly, Will Become Even Deadlier

Wind Energy Demand Reaches New Record

3 Reasons Not to Use Plastic Instead of Housewrap

DOE Tries to Preserve Water Efficiency for Showerheads, Clothes Washers

COGNITION Hot Take: Millennials Flooding the Housing Market

Climate Change Accelerates

ICC Uses Innovation to Address Future Building Realities

The Secrets of an Indomitable Soul

COGNITION Hot Take: Smart Home Essentials

Vancouver, B.C., Tries Zero Emissions Space and Water Heating

Building Code Changes Around the Nation

Existing Home Makeover: Energy Loss Through Glass

COGNITION Hot Take: Hot Markets for Millennial Home Buyers

Easy Steps to Healthy Home

A Guide to Energy-Efficient Multi-Story Buildings

The Tie In Between Radiant Floors and Indoor Environmental Quality

ICC Offers Advice on Remote Virtual Inspections

Stalled Bills Encourage Solar, Self-Sufficiency

Ebook: Make Every House a Smart Home

COGNITION Hot Take: Water Crisis Swells

The Forever House: ReVISION House Scottsdale Unveiled

How to Insulate Your Basement

Kansas Building Code Update: Johnson County

Net Zero Webinar—Building Science and Consumer Expectations

How to Pick the Right Housewrap

Home Energy Efficiency Data Sways Buyers

COGNITION Hot Take: COVID’s Impact on the Labor Force

Remodeling Rises as Industry Stalwarts Rally

New Net Zero Alliance Expedites Zero-Impact Future

Webinar: Code Update—Moving Towards Net Zero

COGNITION Hot Take: Urgent Need for Affordable Housing

Kamala and Climate

Utah Passes Two Bills Impacting Energy Efficiency

IAPMO to Develop Manual on Safe Water Shutdown In Emergencies

Roads Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles a Game Changer

Insulation R-Values Chart and Buyer Guide

Existing Home Makeover: Two-Zoned Attics

A Mid-Pandemic Reset of How Home Improves Life

Five Reasons Radiant Heating Is the Right Choice for Healthy Homes

COGNITION Hot Take: Modular, Prefab, and 3D Printing

Healthy Home Trends: A Builder’s Perspective

Webinar: Full Life Cycle Impact Approach for the Building Sector

ICC 2021 I-Codes Available for Pre-Order

The HVAC Revolution

Before You Mitigate Radon, Consider Your Spray Foam Insulation Options

Real Estate: Topsy Turvy in the Time of COVID-19

COGNITION Hot Take: Remote Working Takes Hold

COVID-19 Housing Case Study: Still Booked Solid

Maverick No More

How to Use the Performance Path to Meet Energy Codes

New Mexico Considers Revisions to Energy Code

Saved by (Net) Zero

New Guidance for Atmospheric Water Generators

COVID-19 Housing Case Study: Less Activity, Higher Conversion

Electric Vehicles Save About $14,500 Over 15-Year Fuel Costs

USGBC Helps Municipalities to Become Resilient

Get Listed In the Zero Energy Inventory

COGNITION Hot Take: Home Buying Surges

COVID-19 and Housing Case Study: Reducing Overhead


Call for Interest: Code Development Process Committee

Neighborhood SolarShares Program Launches in Sacramento

Study: 81 Million Americans Lack Space to Follow COVID-19 Recommendations

Thinking Deeper: Earth Sheltered Houses

Webinar: Zero is the Future of Housing….And No Extra Cost if Optimized

Tiny RV Home Sales Boom in Florida as Pandemic Rages

ICC and SEAOC Release New Seismic Design Manuals

SIPA Call for Projects

Navigating the Path Ahead for Home Building

Home Buyers Shift Priorities During Pandemic

Extreme Weather Expected This Summer

Another Conservation Law Bites the Dust

Study: COVID-19 Isn’t Only Risk to People Staying Home

Sensor Measures CO2 to Adjust HVAC

North Carolina Studies Repetitive Flooding Risk

IAPMO’s Water Demand Calculator Available for Download

Smart Green Building in the Age of a Pandemic

DIY on the Rise

The IECC - Onward With Online Voting

VISION House at Mariposa Meadows: Exterior Motives

COGNITION Hot Take: Gen Xers Are Not Okay

Remove the Bad Septic Odor From Your Home for About $100

Better Buildings Offers Two Webinars

Federal Tax Credit Extension

Three Keys to Reducing Airborne Covid-19 in Elementary Schools

IAPMO Solicits Proposals for 2024 UPC, UMC

New Study Finds U.S. Real Estate at Far Higher Risk of Flooding than FEMA Estimates

Solving for Climate Change

COGNITION Hot Take: Electrification Trends

As Lockdowns End, How Will Kitchens Change?

COGNITION Hot Take: Safe Homes for All?

Where Are We Now?

HOPE for HOMES Act of 2020 Gets Bipartisan Support.

Pandemic-Proof Products for a Healthy Home

Building Code Changes: Florida, Delaware, New Jersey

COGNITION Hot Take: Kitchen Redesigns on the Rise

Is the Housing Market on the Rebound, and Who’s Actually Buying?

Omaha Makes Big Code Update

Notes From the Eye of the Storm: Assessing the Direction of Housing Data

Free Webinar:  Fire Season is Here! Is Your Home Protected?

U.S. Senate Passes Navajo Utah Rights Settlement Act

From Chaos Comes Opportunity

IAPMO Seeks Canadian Reps for Committee

Comments Sought to Support Net Metering

Homeownership Options for the Rest of Us

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