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Advances in transportation technology include autonomous driving, more flexible EV charging, advanced motorization (lighter and more powerful) motors, and transit options that are timely and communicate with riders: GPS, wireless, and mobile technology taken to the next level to make mass transit a real option, if not the preferred choice. 

Autonomous Driving

Self Driving VehiclesAt Your Command. Carmakers have been slowly adding autonomous elements to vehicles since 1996. See where we are and where we're headed. More

Electric Vehicle Charging

electric vehicle chargingFaster, More Flexible EV Charging. Advanced technologies and wider availability are making the charging of electric vehicles faster and easier. More

Advanced Motorization

Bosch mid-drive bike motorNot Just for Cars. Advanced engineering has made motors such as this bicycle power plant lighter, more powerful and more efficient. More

Optimized Mass Transit

metro transit mobile appRight on Time. The combination of gps, wireless and mobile technology has already dramatically changed the efficiency of bus, train and air travel. What's next? More

Hands-Free Driving

Next generation steering technology will even parallel park the vehicle for you.

NO LONGER JUST A PIE-IN-THE-SKY IDEA, automated control systems are nearing commercial-ready status, and consumer research says that GEN-Y will quickly adapt and adopt the idea of automobiles that that do the driving for them.

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