The Integration of All-in-One Home Control Centers

New connected home technologies create a world of possibilities, from remotely operating your home to ensure your family’s safety to managing your energy to save money.

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Recently, Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, had the opportunity to interview Steve Herbert, director of global business development at Samsung SmartThings. Gutterman praises his early actions in the smart home space and his “focus on evolving the ecosystem of smart home technology” beyond audio and visual functionalities. 

Over the last decade of Gutterman and Herbert’s friendship, the industry has developed and transformed rapidly. As a result, the type of user has changed, and systems are more affordable and available. 

Initially, the space consisted of solutions like connecting a light, door or window. Now, it’s much more in-depth and comprehensive with smart appliances, TVs, blinds, and even home comfort control and energy efficiency monitoring. 

Samsung’s SmartThings app integrates each smart device into a whole-home system. The application works with hundreds of compatible devices available across the market to provide all-encompassing control, management, automation and customization of smart home devices and systems. 

Herbert explains how in both single and multi-family homes, “SmartThings has to integrate with many other systems that the property uses in order to fully leverage the smart home for all the potential benefits.” 

Evolution is happening. Watch the interview to learn where the field of smart home technology is headed and how SmartThings advances the industry, including demand-side energy management, geofencing, disaggregation of energy and aspirations for smart grid possibility.