Smart Thermostats: The Next Generation

Smart Thermostats: The Next Generation

The newest in-home environmental controls are now learning tools.

Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat With Sensor

Smart Thermostat Honeywell T9 - Hand

T9 smart sensors read temperature and humidity in chosen rooms in the home, viewable on the thermostat touchscreen or in the Residio app. Occupants can set the schedules or allow the sensors to respond to their lifestyle. For multiple rooms, the T9 creates average temperature, balancing occupants’ needs across the entire home. 

The unit sends alerts to the app if temperatures fall below a chosen threshold, as well as reminders to change filters. 

With location-based “geofencing” or “region monitoring”—which alerts a thermostat when the home’s occupants enter or exit a geographical region—and the capability of home and away modes, the T9 can respond to a family’s lifestyle, automatically adjusting the temperature and saving energy. Occupants can track their heating and cooling trends, compare them to energy usage in similar homes in their neighborhood, and receive tips on reducing their energy use to make their home more efficient.

ecobee Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Carrier ecobee

ecobee’s Smart Thermostat learns occupants’ routines and recommends changes to their thermostat schedule, automatically turns down the temperature when nobody is home, and reminds users to change their homes’ filters. This thermostat also comes with remote sensors to help manage hot and cold spots in the home, and a built-in indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor that alerts users when IAQ is poor, then offers tips on how to improve it.

The thermostat’s eco+ software automatically heats or cools the home during off-peak hours, when electricity is more affordable and greener. A built-in speaker allows for two-way talk paired with a choice of Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alexa. It works in harmony with leading smart home ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit. 

A premium version acts as a home monitoring hub, with built-in smoke detection, sensor technology to identify household safety or operational issues, and freeze detection. It can also be paired with an ecobee Smart Security subscription.

Emerson Sensi

Thermostat Emerson Sensi - product LR

Offering easy installation and straightforward app control, Sensi delivers a simple and effective smart thermostat solution without the excessive bells and whistles of some other brands. Compatible with HVAC systems found in most homes and with all smart home platforms, it features geofencing, 7-day flexible scheduling, remote access and in-app system usage. 

Sensi also offers smart alerts to help detect extreme temperature and humidity levels in the home; circulating fan control to improve IAQ by helping to regulate temperature and prevent build-up of particles and mold; and helps users find local utility rebates through a rebate finder on its website. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Google Nest - product

As its name suggests, this one is known for adjusting the temperature in the home based on occupants’ habits and preferences over time. But it does so much more. Easy to control and program with the Google Home app’s Quick Schedule (or on the thermostat), it can turn itself down when occupants leave the house to avoid wasting energy, and it is adjustable anytime. 

With its Energy History and Home Report features, the Nest Learning Thermostat helps occupants understand their energy use, looking for more ways to save energy and suggesting tweaks to their home schedule. It monitors the HVAC system to catch issues early and gives reminders of service schedules like when to replace HVAC filters. And best of all, Nest can be easily installed by the homeowner in 30 minutes or less.

Hive Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Hive Thermostat

This wireless thermostat, designed for conventional boilers and combi systems (heating and hot water), can be moved around the home to control and set just the right temperature for every room. Hive Thermostat’s Geolocation feature sends instant phone alerts if occupants have gone out and left the heating on, and automatically turns the system on if the temperature drops to avoid freezing pipes. There is also a Holiday Mode that optimizes heating and hot water for when occupants return from vacation. 

A subscription to Hive Heating Plus offers handy home energy budgeting tools, 24/7 efficiency monitoring, and personalized suggestions for saving energy. Hive also offers a range of integrated, remotely controlled smart home products such as smart plugs, security cameras, an alarm system, leak detectors, and electric vehicle (EV) charging ports.

Tado Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+

Smart Thermostat Tado professional

Designed and developed in Germany, Tado claims to save homeowners 28 percent on their home heating bills without compromising on comfort. Its advanced geofencing capability doesn’t simply switch heating on and off based on the location of occupants. Users can decide whether and how they want to preheat the home for when they return, and set the temperature when they’re not in. 

With additional smart thermostats, including easy-to-install wired or wireless units attached to radiators and boilers, occupants can expand their system to individually control the temperature in each room. The Tado Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ also features Open Window Detection that doesn’t require additional sensors on the windows. It is compatible with other smart home products and systems such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Uponor Smatrix Pulse Control System

Smart Thermostat Uponor Pulse control set

This wireless solution is the first in North America to control radiant heating and forced air heating and cooling in multiple zones throughout the home. Smatrix Pulse provides a connection to a smart home assistant for voice-activated control, and allows for remote control anywhere via the device app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

The system  is described by the manufacturer as “the ultimate comfort control solution for installers and homeowners” in new construction single-family residences, retrofit and remodel applications. 

Smatrix Pulse features innovative auto-balancing technology that eliminates the need for manual balancing, adding efficiencies for installers while providing faster system reaction times and greater energy savings for homeowners.