Ebook: Make Every House a Smart Home


Garage_wall_BBrilliant’s smart home system is helping builders and developers make high-tech a standard option for all new homes.

Simple wins the day. Brilliant is a touchscreen control panel with built-in Alexa voice control that makes it easy for everyone (family, friends, guests) to control popular smart home products and experiences: lighting, cameras, locks, garages, music, climate, intercom, scenes, and more.

Make Every House a Smart Home webUsing wires that already exist in every new home, Brilliant unites all the products that today’s home buyers want into a single touchscreen interface: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Ring, Sonos, Hue, LIFX, Honeywell Home, Ecobee, Schlage, Yale, August, Genie, Wemo, TP-Link, SmartThings, and more.

After installing, homeowners will instantly gain control of their smart home products via a touch screen display or all-in-one mobile app.

Download the Ebook

Download this Ebook and learn how Brilliant is the perfect amenity to include in your homes today, including information on: 

  • How the system installs and operates.
  • Why one builder chose the system for all its homes and how it is revolutionizing how home buyers interact with model homes. 
  • Best-of-class companies and products that connect with this smart home system.
  • The ways Brilliant helps you differentiate your homes from the competition.
  • Why cell phones and point devices (like Alexa) are not superior home technology systems by themselves.
  • How Brilliant compares to legacy home automation systems.
  • What training, marketing, and onboarding support you can expect when you become a Brilliant builder.

Download the Ebook

Brilliant and Green Builder Media are proud to offer this free downloadable Ebook to help builders quickly and cost-effectively differentiate their homes from the competition while giving home buyers what they crave most: a connected home that does exactly what they want it to do when they want it done. 

Learn all about this industry-changing technology! Download the Ebook here.