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Who says you can't live greener and more comfortably at the same time? Converging technology gives you greater control than ever over how energy, water and safety are managed in homes and apartments.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and CoolingAt Your Command. New interfacing between computers and HVAC equipment, lighting, etc., are revolutionizing your relationship with your home or apartment.

Entertainment and Leisure

immersive home entertainmentChoosing a Power Strip. From TVs to DVD players and gaming consoles, these gadgets, which are so much a part of our lives, also cost us money in terms of energy consumption. More


Home SecurityCover All the Angles.  Simplify and connect your home with keyless, connected security options. More


lighting controlToo Smart? Technology can help save a significant amount of money and use a lot less energy, but how does it effect our privacy? More

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Seamless Control

As wireless and digital technology converge, homeowners can control every aspect of their home or apartment from anyplace in the world.

internet-of-things-trendsThe IoT Revolution Has Just Begun

Growth of Connected HomeExplosive Growth. Analysts expect the Internet of Things market to grow exponentially over the next five years, driven in large part by initial sales of individual wireless "gadgets." Source: Pike Research


contractor surveyTHE CONNECTED HOME. Read what green professionals are saying about which devices and systems people are installing in their new homes and renovations. More

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