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Much of tomorrow's urban technology will never be seen.  That's because in the city of the future, the integrated wireless and digital technology that control power grids, transportation and keep plants happy will happen "behind the scenes."

Energy and Water Management

Heating and Cooling24-Hour Efficiency. New building management systems optimize how and when heating, cooling and lighting operate.Here's an overview of the types of technology coming our way.

Transportation: Getting Around

electric vehicle chargingSynchronized Signals. From walking to biking to parking to community rail, personal and public transit is becoming linked to coordinate timing and energy use. Here's a short simple animated video from the UK, explaining how it all works. WATCH NOW

Inventory Automation

inventory managementRise of the RFID. Now, thanks to inexpensive RFID chips, urban supplies can be monitored and delivered automatically without waste. But we'll have to be even more aware of our need for resilient homes.

Emerging Innovations

next big innovationUrban Shift.  Here's an article about five new and improved technologies that are about to affect urban life in many different ways. READ

Past and Future Converge

The ideal city of the future is likely to combine wireless connectivity with time-tested ideas of community and shared space.

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