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Indoor Air Quality

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IAQ: The Human Side of Green

If energy saving is one half of the green building equation, occupant health (including IAQ) is the other.

Often, a client has one side or the other in mind when she begins a conversation with you about a project. Make sure you're speaking the same language.  Read More

Inside Job

Tighter envelopes are trapping polluted air inside homes. Fortunately, there are several sure-fire ways to guarantee both efficiency and high-quality indoor air. Read More

The Big Fix

Increasingly, builders are having to address indoor air quality along with energy efficiency. Some in the industry are leading the way. Read More

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    Delta Breez ventilation fans with Bluetooth® speaker can convert any bathroom into a private entertainment center! Enjoy your favorite music, or hear real-time news, weather, traffic, or sports, all while the quiet, energy-efficient fan ventilates your bathroom. Easily pair with most Bluetooth capable devices. Learn more

  • ComfoAir 350.jpg

    Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilators/Energy Recovery Ventilators ensure fresh filtered air and a healthy atmosphere for the home year-round. Zehnder Comfosystems are custom designed with perfectly matched air distribution components for easy installation. Zehnder’s HRVs are Passive House Institute Certified and used in Passive House projects across the United States and internationally. Whether a Passive House construction, high-performance home, or a new home subject to stricter building codes, Zehnder’s Comfosystems provide the highest standard for quiet operation, energy-efficiency, indoor air quality, leakage, and performance. Learn more


The Heights: Canada’s Largest Passive House Project under Construction in Vancouver

Heat recovery ventilators from Zehnder used in The Heights

Very tightly constructed buildings need proper ventilation to promote indoor air quality. The Heights has Zehnder ComfoAir 550 heat recovery ventilators to provide a continuous stream of fresh, filtered air. These balanced ventilation systems supply and exhaust equal amounts of air throughout the project for optimum comfort and healthy home air. 

Learn more about The Heights here.

Healthy Air, Healthy Homes

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