Zero VOC Tiles Add to Home’s Durability

The VISION House Sussex features Daltile products, which provide beauty throughout the house and contribute to healthy indoor air quality.

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The VISION House Sussex, designed and constructed by Tim O’Brien Homes, features a spectrum of Daltile’s beautiful ceramic tiles. These products were chosen to support the sustainability and durability goals set for the house while fitting with the attainable price point.


Durable ceramic tile implemented in VISION House Sussex to reduce total environmental impact and ensure consistent indoor temperature.

Mike Profilio, Senior Director of Builder-Multifamily Channel at Daltile says the company’s ceramic tile is a great choice for homes to support healthy indoor air quality and ensure a low environmental impact. “Ceramic tile is free from VOCs, Formaldehyde, Phthalate, Organotin, Allergens, and Plastics,” he says. 

Ceramic tile also has a long life cycle and does not need to be replaced as often as other types of flooring.  Additionally, ceramic tiles have thermal mass–they store heat from the sun during the day and release it in the evening when outdoor temperatures drop, thereby limiting temperature fluctuations within homes, which saves homeowners energy and money. 

From a manufacturing standpoint, ceramic tile has a solid sustainability story: Its components are natural materials and don’t require high temperatures for processing.

Beyond performance, Daltile’s products can provide an aesthetic boost to any home. “Daltile has recently launched a 2023 Trend Report, which covers broad design trends in style and design cross colors, interior fashion trends, and tile designs,” Profilio says. “Daltile products provide a unique ability to reflect a homeowner’s personality, dreams, and motivations.” 

Daltile showcased other sustainable products in the VISION House Sussex, such as Uptown Glass Matte by Daltile on the shower floors, which boasts a hexagonal pattern in Alabaster made from 98% recycled material.

To learn more about Daltile and the VISION House Sussex project, visit the project microsite.