A Home’s Durability Starts on the Exterior

Hardie siding helps VISION House Sussex defend against the elements.

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The VISION House Sussex in Wisconsin experiences a wide variety of weather conditions. Hot and stormy summers to freezing and snowy winters can take their toll on a home’s exterior. 

VISION House Sussex exterior

As Tim O’Brien, President of Tim O’Brien Homes, looked to deliver a high-performance, sustainable, and attainable build, he knew the house had to feature a durable and resilient building envelope to ensure the home’s longevity and reduce maintenance for prospective buyers.

O’Brien had his sights set on Hardie fiber cement siding, including Hardie Plank and Hardie Shingle. Hardie products are non-combustible and hold no appeal for pests. Only Hardie fiber cement is Engineered for Climate to stand up to extreme weather, specifically in the region where it is installed, to help give homeowners and builders even more confidence that their homes and families are protected for years to come.

“It’s very durable and long-lasting even in a climate like ours where temperatures drop well below zero,” O’Brien states as he explains his choice to use products by James Hardie.

The unique Hardie  Zone System made it simple for O’Brien to choose the best product for the Midwest climate. The HZ5 product line is specifically designed to withstand freezing temperatures, extreme seasonal temperature variations, snow, and ice. 

“When it comes to building products and sustainability, you want lasting beauty and products that protect what matters to you most, inside and outside the home. In a climate where we’re seeing more extreme weather events, it’s more important than ever to choose a product that is Engineered for Climate,” says Jill Kolling, Chief Sustainability Officer, James Hardie.

Additionally, pests are not attracted to the fiber cement siding material, so homeowners won’t have to worry about termites, woodpeckers or other critters damaging their home’s exterior.

The VISION House Sussex also features Hardie siding with Colorplus Technology finishes. The finishes are fully cured on the boards in a controlled factory environment and arrive ready for installation year-round, ensuring a more consistent color and finish that doesn’t depend on good weather.  

James Hardie siding

Featured on the VISION House Sussex, Hardie siding provides a resilient and durable exterior for this attainable green, high-performance home.

With ColorPlus Technology finishes , these boards were engineered to resist damaging UV rays, so this home’s finish will retain its vibrancy for longer. Additionally, the finish is cured onto boards for a stronger bond, which allows for exceptional resistance to cracking, peeling, and chipping, delivering the ultimate in aesthetics and performance even in the most demanding conditions. 

Thanks to Hardie siding, the homeowners of VISION House Sussex will be able to spend more time enjoying their home while having the peace of mind that it will endure the test of time.