Cost-Effective Solar Plus Storage is Here

Solar panels and a storage solution dramatically reduce utility costs at VISION House Sussex.

Long-time sustainable builder Tim O’Brien, President of Tim O’Brien Homes and winner of Green Builder Media’s prestigious 2022 Sustainability Superhero award , has been building to a higher standard since the company's inception in 2007. Tim O’Brien Homes is continuously improving sustainability and durability by focusing on building science and design practices, renewable energy systems, and advanced technologies for optimal performance, health, and comfort.


“Our company goes far above and beyond code by focusing on energy efficiency, indoor air quality and reducing utility costs,” states O’Brien. “The VISION House Sussex project gives us the opportunity to show the market what can be achieved at a reasonable price point.”

At VISION House Sussex, Tim O’Brien Homes wanted to include solar power and storage solutions to reduce the overall cost of ownership over time. The project team selected JinkoSolar because of its industry leadership in manufacturing solar panels and storage solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Capturing the Sun

The EAGLE Continental solar panels from JinkoSolar will provide the VISION House Sussex with renewable and independent energy production. Each EAGLE Continental panel produces up to 400 watts and utilizes mono PERC half-cell technology, which boosts performance even when shaded. 


The panels’ black frame and black backsheet create a sleek aesthetic. Credit: Jinko

As one of the most durable panels on the market, the EAGLE Continental features a thick 40mm frame tested to endure up to 113 mph winds (category 3 hurricane). Its 3.2mm tempered front-side glass is designed to withstand hailstones of up to 50mm, which is double the minimum IEC 61215 standard of 25mm. 

Additionally, The EAGLE Continental is Fire Type 1 rated, engineered with a more robust and thicker backsheet. These backsheets feature DuPont TM Tedlar® material, increasing durability and offering added protection from scratches, moisture, UV, and extreme heat.

Storing Energy

To complement the solar system, the demonstration home features an EAGLE RS 2.0 energy storage system that helps homeowners optimize time of use rates and utilize solar energy when the sun is not shining. 


Separate cabinets allow for flexibility and scalability. Credit: Jinko

This next-generation system utilizes an updated hybrid inverter with an integrated autotransformer and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for a seamless transition during power outages, reduces the number of components to install, takes up less space in the home and makes installation even faster. The system also comes equipped with Virtual Power Plant (VPP) compatibility to support local utility demand response programs, offering homeowners additional ways to save money.

Visit the VISION House Sussex site to learn more about the solar system and the other outstanding products that make this project so unique.