Kick Fossil Fuels to the Curb

The recently completed VISION House Sussex demonstration home boasts solar power with battery storage, resulting in lower bills and a minimized environmental impact.

In this video, Adam Dietrick, Director of Product Management of Technical Services at JinkoSolar, stands in the newly finished VISION House Sussex in Wisconsin. The home was constructed to show the possibilities of green building practices at an attainable price point for homebuyers. 


Rightfully so, the home included an array of JinkoSolar’s EAGLE Continental solar panels and EAGLE RS DC-coupled solar plus storage system to minimize the homeowners' grid and fossil fuel dependency.

“This module is unique to the U.S. market and features an all-black construction, so it looks aesthetically pleasing on the roof,” Dietrick notes.

Each EAGLE Continental panel produces up to 400 watts and utilizes mono PERC half-cell technology, which boosts performance even when shaded. The panels also feature a thick 40mm frame tested to endure up to 113 mph winds (category 3 hurricane) and tempered front-side glass designed to withstand hailstones of up to 55mm for maximum durability and longevity.

When coupled with the EAGLE RS storage system, homeowners can easily optimize time-of-use rates and utilize solar energy when the sun is not shining. Dietrick adds that the system “allows homeowners to capture the energy from their solar modules either for backup or selling back to the grid.”

“The combination of the solar modules and the energy storage system allows homes to eliminate their electricity bill for the rest of their lives,” Dietrick concludes. 

Watch the video and visit the VISION House Sussex website for more information on JinkoSolar’s contributions and the other outstanding products that make this home sustainable and attainable.

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About VISION House Sussex

Utilizing market available, cost-effective products, systems, and technologies, the VISION House Sussex will highlight next-generation, mainstream green homes that are attainable for working-class American families. The project will be located in Vista Run, a mixed-use, master planned development that offers 300 new homesites and 60 acres reserved for community amenities like walking trails, parkland, and out-lots.