Homebuyers Continue to Prioritize Healthy Homes

Homebuyers Continue to Prioritize Healthy Homes

While the pandemic brought health to the forefront for more people than in the past, that focus hasn’t faded even as the pandemic appears to be waning.

Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and managing stress are all important to most people. More consumers today also recognize the mind-body connection and the impact their environment—especially their home—can have on their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Homebuyers Continue to Prioritize Healthy Homes istock

A 2019 report by Harvard Researchers outlined numerous steps people can take to make their home a healhtier atmosphere, such as increasing ventilation, vacuuming with HEPA filtration, and bringing in as much natural light as possible.

When Green Builder asked consumers how important a healthy home is, 75% said that it is very or extremely important.

Percentage distribution for healthy home

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For many homebuyers, a healthy home starts with good indoor air quality, but there are a variety of features that can contribute to residents’ well-being. 

Everything from a central vacuum system to special filters to antimicrobial surfaces to sanctuary spaces for meditation to space for a home fitness center can be part of what buyers consider as essential to a healthy home.

When Green Builder asked consumers to rank some healthy home features by importance, features that impact indoor air quality topped the list such as indoor air monitors, air purification and filtration systems, and fresh air exchange systems. Similar priorities were expressed by all generations for these features. 

Healthy Home Features Ranked by Importance

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When consumers were asked what they’re actually buying for a healthier home, the top five items expanded a little to include:

  1. home gyms
  2. bath fans
  3. range hood fans
  4. air filtration systems
  5. indoor pollution sensors. 

Other priorities included low-VOC paint and a home health station (such as one with a blood pressure monitor and other tools), good air quality, and a low-crime neighborhood.

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Overall Average Ratings for Healthy Home Categories

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