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Building to Resist Wildfire

New products and building techniques help homes resist heat and flames from wildfire and nearby structural fires.

Red Cross Checklist

Download this Red Cross checklist if your home is threatened by a fire.

Building Safer in Natural Areas - Firewise and Wildland Fire

In this free webinar, Michele Steinberg, NFPA’s Wildland Fire Operations Division Manager, discusses concepts and techniques around siting, designing, building and maintaining homes and neighborhoods to resist ignition from wildland fire. Watch Now

More From the NFPA

7 Tips to Help Keep Your Home From Becoming Fuel For A Wildfire

Picture-perfect Florida home survives major wildfire

Information you need to design, build and prepare homes for extreme weather and natural disasters.


Details:  Heat- and Spark-Resistant House

  • Heat Armor. Western Red Cedar Ignites at about 354 Degrees C, about 40 degrees lower than the burn point for PVC siding. Images: IBHS: "A Homeowner's Guide to Wildfire Retrofit"

  • high-performance glazings

    Tempered Glass. Tests show that an untempered double-paned glass is only slightly more resistant to heat shattering than single-pane glass. But if the glass is tempered, it can outperform the surrounding wood framing (assuming it's wood). Image: IBHS: "A Homeowner's Guide to Wildfire Retrofit"

  • Metal Screens on All Vents

    Stop Sparks. Most house fires start when sparks blow into openings in attic, basement or soffit vents. Cover all potential pathways for unwanted embers. IBHS: "A Homeowner's Guide to Wildfire Retrofit"

  • Spark Arrestor on Chimneys

    Double Peril. Not only can hot sparks enter your home through an unguarded chimney, you might start a wildfire yourself! Solve this with mesh protector of 1/4-inch or smaller gaps. Images: IBHS: "A Homeowner's Guide to Wildfire Retrofit" DOWNLOAD FULL BOOK HERE

Versashield GAFCLASS A ROOFS: DON'T FORGET UNDERLAYMENTS: To achieve the highest (Class A) fire rating, even metal and concrete roofs MUST be installed with special underlayments. Many brands are available, but they are specific to the type of roofing. Versashield from GAF is shown.


Design With Fire in Mind Download Ebook

Forever Cap Spark Arrestor

Forever Cap Spark Arrestor.  Available in stainless steel, this easy-to-install chimney cap can keep sparks where they belong. Order this or another spark arrestor online now.