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Sara GuttermanWildfire Season Prognosis: Hot, Long, and Intense As scorching temperatures plague the nation from coast to coast, wildfires rage in even the most unlikely places.   More

Fluoride in WaterFluoride in Water: What's the Latest Verdict? Is it Safe? The latest research from both the U.S. and Europe shows no harmful effects as long as water rules are met. More

QuakeSmartResilience During Earthquakes Begins With Being QuakesmartA community resilience program for businesses and organizations that can help you prepare for earthquakes.More

Rammed EarthRammed Earth: Affordable, and Relatively Unknown Would it surprise you to learn that Spain's Alhambra palace and the Great Wall of China are both made of earth? More

CasellaMonitor Reports Dust, Vibration and Noise Via Email or Text The new monitoring system requires a professional on hand to read it, but offers tantalizing possibilities for IAQ companies. More

  • Managing Trees in Dry Times

    Trees keep urban landscapes cool, beautify neighborhoods and retain stormwater, but droughts put trees at risk. Read More

  • Water Security in the Desert

    A solar-powered pump powers a new off-grid water supply in this Arizona home. Read More

  • A Living Building in Michigan

    A motivated homeowner revamps his historic home for net-zero energy and net-positive water. Read More


VISION House at Mariposa Meadows






EACH OF OUR ONGOING EDITORIAL CAMPAIGNS zooms in on critical issues of our time, from Saving Water to Resilient Housing to the Internet of Things. We offer weekly RSS feeds and special reports on these fast-changing topics.

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