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Sara GuttermanThe Water Revolution is Here At current usage and population rates, international demand for water in 2030 will outstrip supply by 40 percent. As fresh water supplies dwindle, nations across the globe will face unprecedented, unsettling, and formerly unthinkable choices regarding water, compelled to make difficult decisions about how to allocate the precious resource. More

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  • Landscaping with Trees

    Trees are a site’s biggest asset. These guidelines will help you protect and manage them through a construction project and beyond. Read More

  • Planning for Pollinators

    These tips will help you design a landscape that feeds the many creatures that rely on flower pollen. Read More

  • Composting and Soil Building

    Here are some ways to keep valuable materials out of the landfill and onsite, where they can nourish plantings. Read More


VISION House at Mariposa Meadows





On DeckOn Deck Wood is still a popular choice, but new technologies are making composites more attractive and sustainable. More

IECC UpdateEnergy Code Roundup Missouri launches a statewide Energy Plan; Pennsylvania and Illinois make moves toward adoption of the 2015 IECC. More

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