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Sara GuttermanThe Flint Water Saga Continues Lessons learned from the Flint water crisis; and as if the city wasn’t hit hard enough by toxic water, now it’s awash in plastic. More

wers.jpg NAHB Passes Resolution Supporting Voluntary Water Efficiency Measures Resolution provides state and local homebuilder associations the guidance necessary as they develop their own local water conservation policies. More

vmodular_hobbit_home_green_builder.jpg Tile Roofing and Resilient Housing Tile Roofing can provide increased resistance to (and protection from) fire, hail, wind, frost and seismic activity. More

vRoof.jpgWhat Makes a Home Livable? From a building science perspective, three things define a home's comfort level: moisture, temperature and noise.More

Vcamels.jpgInternet of Things Could Help Arab States Manage Water Scarcity A British company hopes to play a major role in winning the Gulf region over to high-tech sensors and water monitoring. More

  • Bohemia_Cover-Image-HOME.jpg

    Old World Modern

    This home, built onto an old farmhouse, meets the rigorous standards of Germany’s Passivhaus program. Read More

  • Birch House Home of the Year Award Winner

    Teaching Tool: Award Winner

    A house in Bellingham, Washington, demonstrates innovative water and energy systems that meet the standards of the Living Building Challenge. Read More

  • Rainwater_Ranch_Kitchen.jpg

    Resilient Ranch

    Water, food security and land stewardship are just as important as energy independence for this Texas ranch house. Read More


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EACH OF OUR ONGOING EDITORIAL CAMPAIGNS zooms in on critical issues of our time, from Saving Water to Resilient Housing to the Internet of Things. We offer weekly RSS feeds and special reports on these fast-changing topics.