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DuPont Think Twice Builde Once

Ron Jones Size Matters I believe the time has come for those who purport to represent the industry and the dream of homeownership to walk the walk and demonstrate some authenticity as opposed to conspicuously unbridled consumption.   More

Water-Saving Bath FixturesWater-Saving Bath Fixtures Efficient fixtures can help save homeowners thousands of dollars—even just installing a low-flow toilet will save a family about $2,000 over the system’s lifetime. More

Seismic Retrofit SlideshowHow to Retrofit for Earthquake ResistanceSeismic building codes for new construction have come a long way. But what about the millions of homes and structures built before the code changes? More

combi systemCombined Water and Space Heating Single-source water and space heating, or “combi” systems that optimize efficiency are being developed through a series of lab tests and field trials. More

An Inside JobAn Inside Job Tighter envelopes are trapping polluted air inside homes. Fortunately, there are several sure-fire ways to guarantee both efficiency and high-quality indoor air More

  • Getting (Fire)wise

    The National Fire Protection Association’s Firewise initiative has helped hundreds of neighborhoods and communities better prepare for the possibility of wildfire. Read More

  • Are Mini-Splits Ready for Prime Time?

    Mini-split heat pumps are gaining in popularity and could prove a valuable efficiency upgrade for multi-family retrofits. Read More

  • Cost Analysis: Low-E Storm Windows

    High-performance storm windows are a lower-cost alternative to window replacement and can save significant amounts of energy. Read More


VISION House at Mariposa Meadows






EACH OF OUR ONGOING EDITORIAL CAMPAIGNS zooms in on critical issues of our time, from Saving Water to Resilient Housing to the Internet of Things. We offer weekly RSS feeds and special reports on these fast-changing topics.

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