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Sara GuttermanClimate Solutions Trump Politics It's ultimately in everyone’s best interests to encourage advanced, innovative solutions that tackle our urgent environmental needs, regardless of which country ends up on top.  More

  • The New Tools of the Trade

    From the latest apps to jobsite robots, construction companies are adopting high-tech digital tools. But with innovations happening so rapidly, where exactly is the cutting edge of construction technology? Read More

  • Green Builder's Annual Eco-Leaders

    These companies are embracing the triple bottom line and proving that sustainability is as good for revenues as it is for people and the planet. Read More

  • The Sharing Economy

    Robin Chase, founder of Buzzcar, has been on the leading edge of the so-called sharing economy. Read More



Sustainable FlooringHigh-Tech Window Glazing. An array of new glazing technologies offers a solution for every climate. More

Living Building ChallengeThe Living Building Challenge is a green building certification program that reaches beyond projects' physical boundaries. More