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Sara GuttermanSpotted Owls and Pipelines: Our Obligation to the Natural Environment Over the course of our nation’s history, there have been many issues that have sparked political and emotional division in the way that we see our relationship with nature. Protection of the northern spotted owl is an example of one such issue. More




  • SIPs Raising at Mariposa Meadows

    The high-performance panels, provided by AFM Technologies, are the perfect building solution for the extreme weather of the Colorado Rockies. As part of the project, SIPA and Green Builder Media will analyze the performance of the SIPs. Read More

  • What Makes It Green by Green Builder Media/Kip Ayers

    Homeowner's Handbook

    Remodeling? Building a new home? This comprehensive guide has you covered. Download your copy today.

  • Enduring Appeal

    A home in southern Oregon showcases the strengths of straw-bale construction: organic, comfortable and energy efficient. Read More.
VISION House at Mariposa Meadows
Resilient Housing

Side by SideSide by Side Builders today face an array of cladding options. Fortunately, the competition is prompting manufacturers to ramp up the sustainability of their products. More

IECC UpdateecoSelect: A Green Building Program by the Numbers This 'entry-level' green building program is attracting builders with its low cost and easy-to-follow checklist. More