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Sara GuttermanClimate Change: Mass Extinction  To quote American nature writer Kenneth Brower, “A living planet is a rare thing, perhaps the rarest thing in the universe, and a very tenuous experiment at best.” A living planet is comprised of complex ecosystems that nourish myriad species, each one interdependent, relying on the others to play their role to such perfection that only exists in nature. More




  • The Log Home, Redux

    Arborwall combines factory efficiency, rapidly renewable cedar and a unique wall system to create durable homes with flexible design options. Read More

  • Material World: A Plan of Action

    To head off resource depletion and the worst climate change scenarios, our construction materials playbook must be rewritten. Read More


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VISION House at Mariposa Meadows
Resilient Housing

Better Wastewater TreatmentBetter Wastewater Systems We are on the cusp of a major infrastructure crisis in this country. Onsite wastewater treatment can help make our homes more sustainable and more resilient. More

IECC UpdateecoSelect: A Green Building Program by the Numbers This 'entry-level' green building program is attracting builders with its low cost and easy-to-follow checklist. More