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Sara GuttermanDesign and Construction Week: Insights and Fairytales I’m writing live from Design & Construction week, the amalgamation of several industry conferences that were once faltering but have now come together to produce one vibrant, bustling show. With only minutes to spare between back to back meetings, I can guarantee that this blog won’t be my longest or cleverest, but here is the skinny on the show. More

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  • Sustainable Charm

    Beneath this traditional-looking home lies a radically efficient building envelope. Read More

  • Modern Marvel

    An unconventional Passive House utilizes an innovative wall assembly to achieve a superior envelope. Read More

  • Holistic Homes

    This community off the coast of Washington State connects health and happiness with sustainability. Read More


VISION House at Mariposa Meadows





Raise the RoofRaise the Roof From classic wood shingles to new recycled composites, builders have more sustainable roofing options than ever before. More

IECC UpdateFrozen: the Legislation Ohio freezes energy efficiency and renewable energy mandates until 2017. More

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