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vSaraHS.jpg Smart Tech Takes Over, Bolstered by Record Investments Smart, clean technologies have taken the market by storm, promising to change our built environment and grid infrastructure forever. Commanding over $430 million in venture capital in just the second quarter of 2016 alone, it has already been a banner year for these enabling technologies. More

Nebraska Poo Pellets Poo Power? Advocates for so-called "BioCoal" see it as a supplement for coal energy production, not a replacement. More

vRelief_Easy_Steps_to_An_Allergen-Free_Home_Cover_Image.jpgRelieve Indoor Allergies With These 9 Tips May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and with that indoor pollution takes the stage as one of the most common problems addressed by allergists. More

V3602195819_a398f85283_m.jpg66 Million Dead Trees in California Could Fuel Wildfires Massive tree die-offs have created an urgent need for funding wildfire suppression. More

Straw BaleCarbon Smart Straw Bale Structural Insulated Panels Building Energy Efficient and Carbon Smart with Prefab Straw Bale More

  • Code Watcher Mayors' Conference

    Mayors Resolve to Strengthen 2018 IECC

    America’s mayors delivered a crystal clear message at their June annual meeting: Energy codes protect our homeowners and tenants, our grids, and our Nation.

  • greenerfleetshome.jpg

    Greener Fleets

    Electric and biodiesel offer contractors renewable alternatives to fossil-fuel powered vehicles. Here’s where they stand.

  • Touch2Ohome.jpg

    Faucet Technology Makes Up for Behavior

    A faucet can only conserve so much water. But careful monitoring of human behavior has given companies like Delta key insights into how to reduce the amount of water wasted in both the kitchen and bath.


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