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Sara GuttermanBiophilic or Dystopic: The Future in our Hands Last weekend, I watched two movies. The first one, set in in the 1920’s, was about a female immigrant who came to New York City to build a new life. Instead of finding streets paved with gold, she encountered heartbreak and deception everywhere. The movie was grim and grimy, depicting the hardships of the era. As I watched, I remember thinking how grateful I am to be alive today, with all of our amenities, technological innovations, and medical advancements. More

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On DeckOn Deck Wood is still a popular choice, but new technologies are making composites more attractive and sustainable. More

IECC UpdateGreen Code and Regulation Roundup Florida eliminates solar rebate programs; meanwhile, California curbs Homeowners Associations from prohibiting drought-tolerant plants. More

  • The Celestia Project

    In honor of Earth Day 2015, you can now download a free copy of The Celestia Project, our epic look at life in the year 2100. Read More

  • Clearing the Air

    The continued rise of respiratory-related health problems has the public increasingly aware of indoor air pollution. Here’s how you can take advantage of new research and products to address IAQ in your projects –before it becomes a problem. Read More

  • Investing in History

    A geothermal system breathes new life into an historic West Virginia farmstead, showcasing an innovative approach to cultural preservation. Read More


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