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Sara GuttermanClimate Change: Deforestation Covering 31% of the land, forests are the lungs of the planet, providing oxygen—the essential element for life on Earth. They are the home to innumerable exotic species, arbiters of weather patterns, carbon sinks, and temples of the soul. More




  • Modular Marvels

    These modular homes are energy-efficient and low-maintenance with healthy interiors. Read More.
  • Energy Independence

    The "double-shell" design developed by Enertia creates buildings that don't rely on fossil fuel energy. Read More

  • Healthy Homes, Naturally

    This home combines natural materials and finishes with thoughtful, holistic design to create healthful and nurturing spaces for its clients. Read More

VISION House at Mariposa Meadows
Resilient Housing

Side by SideSide by Side Builders today face an array of cladding options. Fortunately, the competition is prompting manufacturers to ramp up the sustainability of their products. More

IECC UpdateecoSelect: A Green Building Program by the Numbers This 'entry-level' green building program is attracting builders with its low cost and easy-to-follow checklist. More