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Sara Gutterman Plagued by Plunging Profits, Shell Creates Renewable Energy Division The end of the fossil fuel era is near. Some industry stalwarts, like Exxon, are in outright denial. Others, like coal king Peabody Energy, can’t help but feel acute pain as their once-impenetrable fortresses crumble. Others, like Shell, are investing in the future. More

Container Garden Strategies Tiny House Garden Strategies These strategies can help incorporate gardening in even the tiniest houses—even those that are on the move. More

Vharbin-bend-07.jpgSuper-Efficient Oregon Home Aims for Performance with Low Maintenance and Zonable Radiant System The 2,000-sq.-ft. custom home manages to pack dozens of energy-saving and durability features into a bright, open plan. More

vTesla_Powerwall_Battery.jpgFirst Tesla Whole-House Solar Battery Installed With a sleek design that could have emerged from Apple, the new battery has spurred mixed reactions, and it's facing competition in the U.S. More

vrainwater_swale.centerforneighborhoodtechnology.jpgGreen Stormwater Infrastructure Several site challenges can compromise the effectiveness of green stormwater infrastructure. Here are strategies for overcoming them. More

  • Shipyard Community

    Smart Cities and Connected Mobility

    Innovations in technology reduce environmental impact and improve quality of life. Read More

  • Fair_Value_for_Energy_Efficiency.jpg

    Fair Value for Energy Efficiency

    Check out this campaign for the fair valuation of high-performance homes. Read More

  • VISION House Tucson

    Resilient Housing A Focus

    Each year the International Code Council ("ICC") celebrates Building Safety Month in May to create public awareness on what it takes to design safe and sustainable structures. This year's topic is Building Codes: Driving Growth Through Innovation, Resilience and Safety. Read More


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EACH OF OUR ONGOING EDITORIAL CAMPAIGNS zooms in on critical issues of our time, from Saving Water to Resilient Housing to the Internet of Things. We offer weekly RSS feeds and special reports on these fast-changing topics.

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