Sara GuttermanDecade of Climate Action: Celestia Begins We have many important topics to explore. The Celestia Project will investigate them in a way that is both beautiful and hopeful. We truly believe that despite the seemingly insatiable wanting of modern society, a joyful and abundant future lies ahead. More.

  • Landscaping in Soggy Spots

    Landscaping in Soggy Spots

    Low-lying sites are problematic for many plants, but the right landscaping can absorb excess water and turn waterlogged trouble spots into assets.Read More

  • 7 Steps to a Mainstream Net-Zero House

    Debut of integrated heat pump, hydronic air handler and solar hot water heater system helps desert home garner a jaw-dropping -17 HERS rating.Read More

  • Pushing the Envelope

    As environmental awareness (and concern) penetrates the mainstream, eccentric “upcycled” structures, tiny apartments and other ideas are being looked at as real prospects for future low-impact shelter. Read More


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