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Sara GuttermanGreen Builder Media Applauds Eco-Leaders Each July, Green Builder Media releases the Eco Leaders issue of Green Builder magazine, highlighting a handful of companies that are doing great green things in the world, paving the way to a sustainable future with innovative products and forward-thinking ideas. More

  • 2030 House

    Although it shares many design elements of a traditional pueblo-style home, this super-efficient home has dozens of energy-saving and resource-conscious features. Read More

  • Team Approach

    This home's builder feels a team approach to the project is largely the key to its success. Read More

  • Rethinking the Zoo

    Naturalist Thane Maynard, director of the Cincinnati Zoo, has made the zoo a model for sustainability - at the same time educating guests about some of the world' most endangered wildlife. Read More



Sustainable FlooringHigh-Tech Window Glazing. An array of new glazing technologies offers a solution for every climate. More

Living Building ChallengeThe Living Building Challenge is a green building certification program that reaches beyond projects' physical boundaries. More