Insulated Garage Door Helps Strengthen Thermal Envelope

In this video, Tim O’Brien, builder of the VISION House Sussex, speaks about why he chose Windsor Door’s garage door for his high-profile demonstration home.

VISION House Sussex showcases how high performance, healthy, sustainable homes can be delivered at a price point that average American families can afford, offering a significantly higher total value of homeownership through lower ongoing utility bills and maintenance costs.


In this video, Tim O’Brien, President of Tim O’Brien Homes, explains why he chose garage doors from Windsor Door for the project–namely, because of their high recycled material content and because the doors are manufactured in the U.S.

“We are very excited about using this particular door in the VISION House Sussex because this door contains up to 75% recycled steel content,” O’Brien explains.

In addition to the recycled material, the garage door is also equipped with well-rounded insulation. The laid-in-place 2” polystyrene insulation is backed with a layer of vinyl and produces an R-value of 6 or higher. Specifically in Sussex, WI, a place where cold weather and snow are the norm, this door will contribute to an increase in the home's thermal efficiency and a decrease in energy bills.

“Steel prices have been crazy over the last few years here, and Windsor Door has really helped to provide a sustainable door at a much more value-based price,” O’Brien notes.

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