Clever Ways to Squeeze More Storage from “Lost” Space

At VISION House Sussex, Organized Living’s storage solutions make a clutter-free life possible.

Over the recent years, the housing market has been tumultuous at best, with a roller coaster of fluctuating housing prices, interest rates, mortgages and inventory. According to Forbes, “after a couple of years of a meteoric rise, home prices seem to be coming down to Earth, albeit slowly, making it difficult for many homebuyers to access affordable housing.”

But one thing has been constant in the housing sector: since the onset of COVID, storage has become critical in both new and existing homes. Interior space is at a premium, and people are looking for ways to optimize every square foot of their home. Efficient organization systems are now a must-have for home owners and buyers alike, allowing them to keep clutter to a minimum and allow for multi-use spaces.

Space-Saving Storage Ideas

At Green Builder Media’s latest demonstration project, VISION House Sussex, Organized Living, a leading storage systems manufacturer, is making sure space-saving and organizational needs are met. “With this specific project, we’re looking forward to demonstrating the value Organized Living products can bring to homeowners’ daily lives,” says Sarah Wise, single family marketing director from Organized Living.

“We will showcase our ventilated wire, fixed wood, and adjustable system in the model home to demonstrate multiple product options. Homebuyers will be able to visualize the various product options for each storage space and determine the system that works best for them,” explains Wise.

Storage Systems Get More Durable

The demonstration home will feature Lifetime™ Ventilated fixed shelving, VUE® wood shelving and freedomRail® adjustable storage solutions.

Lifetime Ventilated is Organized Living’s strongest fixed wire solution, holding 75 pounds per linear foot of shelving. Additionally, the epoxy powder coating resists cracking, chipping, peeling and discoloration for decades of performance.


Lifetime Ventilated stands out against the industry competition by specifying larger diameter wire, higher quality, more durable epoxy powder coating, and a stronger anchoring system.

Wise explains how VUE “provides the look and strength homebuyers expect. VUE is the new standard for Builders and the perfect step up for homebuyers who prefer solid shelving over ventilated wire.”

With no exposed wire and gap-free installation, VUE creates a clean, polished look. It contains no harmful VOCs and can hold up to 85 pounds per foot.

FreedomRail offers the flexibility and ease to change components to fit homebuyers' active lifestyle, without any tools needed. “The Rail is attached to the wall, and from that Rail, Uprights hang vertically. All shelving, hanging rods, and accessories hook easily into place from the Uprights. Homebuyers can instantly move the components on the Uprights, and the Uprights along the Rail, for a truly adjustable storage solution,” explains Wise.


Organized Living’s freedomRail has up to 50% more steel than other adjustable storage systems, allowing it to hold an impressive 170 pounds per linear foot.

Homebuyers will have the choice to mix and match any of these three products to perfect their storage solutions in every room.

Organized Living is “proud to partner with Green Builder Media on the ReVISION House Scottsdale and VISION House Mariposa Meadows,” Wise says. “This winning partnership is a testament to our core value of ‘do the right thing.’ We are impressed with the work Green Builder Media is doing to move the industry forward more sustainably and how their vision aligns with our value of thinking long-term.”