A Doorway to Security and Sustainability

Watch this video to learn what makes the garage door and opening system at VISION House Sussex stand out.

In the heart of the Midwest, the VISION House Sussex embodies a pioneering approach to sustainable living, making it not just a concept for the few but a reality for many. The project's slogan, "Sustainable and Attainable," captures the essence of this vision, marrying eco-conscious building practices with broader accessibility.


By focusing on the attainable aspect of green building, Tim O'Brien Homes is driving a paradigm shift towards more inclusive eco-friendly housing. The aim is to lower costs without compromising the value of energy efficiency and sustainability that green homes offer. 

Tim O’Brien Homes has partnered with forward-thinking companies like LiftMaster and Windsor Door. In this video, Tim O’Brien, President of Tim O’Brien Homes, explains the benefits of their products and why they were chosen. 

LiftMaster's contributions to the Vision House include an ultra-quiet, belt-driven door operator with video capabilities. Furthermore, the use of the MyQ Video Keypad heralds a new era of home security, offering homeowners peace of mind with its video monitoring and storage capabilities. “It's a video that will provide access to the entire driveway and give you alerts when people are coming up your driveway or somebody's coming home,” O’Brien explains.

Another highlight of VISION House Sussex is the garage door from Windsor Door, which underscores the project's commitment to using recycled materials. The garage door from Windsor Door, comprising up to 75% recycled steel, exemplifies how sustainable practices can be seamlessly integrated into every aspect of construction. Amid fluctuating steel prices, this choice represents a sustainable and cost-effective solution for modern homes.


The door not only contributes to the reduction of waste but also ensures a comfortable environment for those with an alternative use to their garage. It boasts “a well-rounded insulation system inside the door, which helps keep temperatures mild during harsh weather,” notes O’Brien.

In embracing these innovative partnerships and products, the VISION House Sussex is not just a home; it's a blueprint for the future of living. Check out the project website for more information on the products that made this home possible.

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