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Landfill Leachate Released to Wastewater Treatment Plants and other Environmental Pathways Contains a Mixture of Contaminants including Pharmaceuticals

Posted by U.S. Geological Survey

Apr 25, 2017 9:08:00 AM

New scientific research from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) details how landfill leachate, disposed from landfills to environmental pathways, is host to numerous contaminants.

Landfills are the final repository for a heterogeneous mixture of liquid and solid waste from residential, industrial, and commercial sources, and thus, have the potential to produce leachate—a liquid waste product that consists of a diverse mixture of chemicals as precipitation or applied water moves through the waste. Landfills are often not the final repository for leachate which can be discharged to surface waters following onsite or offsite wastewater treatment.

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Another Firm Announces Investment in Power-Generating Solar Window Coatings

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 19, 2017 8:50:52 AM

Power-producing windows are about to change the energy equation, especially for large commercial buildings.

SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. a developer of transparent electricity-generating coatings for glass windows and flexible veneers, recently announced plans to develop electricity-generating flexible glass.

SolarWindow scientists and engineers recently applied layers of the company’s liquid coatings on to Corning® Willow® Glass and laminated them under conditions that simulate the high pressure and temperatures of the manufacturing processes used by commercial glass and window producers. The result is a bendable glass ‘veneer’, as thin as a business card, which generates electricity.

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BLM Changes Website Banner From Green Mountains to Big Hunk of Coal, then Backs Down

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 18, 2017 9:58:01 AM

As reported by Cassie Kelly for EcoWatch:

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Earthquake in Ohio Located at Epicenter of Nearby Fracking Operations

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 3, 2017 2:34:28 PM

The 3.0 magnitude quake struck in the Wayne National Forest, in an area with 20 miles of four fracking wastewater injections sites.

MONROE COUNTY, OH - Yesterday, the US Geological Survey reported an earthquake in Monroe County with the epicenter located at 39.6663º N, 81.244º W. The 3.0 magnitude earthquake was located in the Marietta Unit of the Wayne National Forest. Approximately 40,000 acres of the forest are slated for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) by the Bureau of Land Management.

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