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Size Matters

FOR MANY YEARS now, I have been caught in the middle of the “home size” debate. When I served on the LEED for Homes steering committee and the development group for that rating system back in the...Read more

VIDEO: Keynote from SXSW Eco: Food of the Future-The Post-Animal Bioeconomy

Here's Tuesday's keynote from the South By Southwest Eco (SXSW Eco) conference this week: New Harvest CEO, Isha Datar.  She argues that economies of the future will not be able to support...Read more

Good News for the Environment—China and Shell Make Major Announcements

It has been a good week for the environment—China will implement a landmark national cap-and-trade program, and Shell abandoned its plans to drill in the Arctic. Climate experts have always said that...Read more

Hope and Scandal: This Week in Climate News

Progress and setbacks for climate action are coming from the most unexpected places. Pope Francis continues to inspire the world with his infectious love for life. His unadulterated joy and authentic...Read more

Whole-House System Approach to an Energy Efficient Home Renovation

A whole-house system approach to building or renovating an existing home is the most effective method to optimizing home energy efficiency. How It Works The whole-house system approach looks at a...Read more

Side by Side

Side by Side

Builders today face an array of cladding options. Fortunately, the competition is prompting manufacturers to ramp up the sustainability of their products. Read More
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