Exterior Products for the Ultimate In Energy Efficiency, Style

Exterior Products for the Ultimate In Energy Efficiency, Style

This manufacturer is thinking outside the box when it comes to its home exterior solutions.

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When it comes to fighting climate change, it's all about thinking outside the box! And when designing houses, why not focus on maximizing energy efficiency by considering the exterior of the box (your house) in a fun and inventive way?

Westlake Royal Building Products has achieved just that by offering roofing, siding, and deck solutions that are sustainable and energy efficient, as well as sleek, modern, and affordable.


With a keen eye for innovation, Westlake Royal Building Products adapts to meet the evolving needs of consumers, especially younger generations of prospective homebuyers, while staying ahead of impending regulatory changes.

Steve Booz, VP of Marketing at Westlake Royal Building Products, has observed a growing trend towards energy efficiency. Particularly in Northern climates due to advanced building code requirements. The team at Westlake is enthusiastic about developing and promoting products that support these energy-efficient initiatives.

Younger generations of consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing sustainable offerings. Booz notes that “as the average homeowner has stayed in their house longer over the last 20 years than they had the 20 years before that, and as more people work from home at least a portion of the time, they’re willing to spend a little bit more money on some of the things that might have a little bit longer payback period.”

More and more, prospective homebuyers are willing to pay a slightly higher upfront cost if it results in lower overall homeownership expenses due to decreased utility bills.

For example, by using a cool roof system with the Newpoint Concrete Roof Tile offered by Westlake Royal Building Products, which will be installed in the VISION House Las Vegas project, homeowners can achieve up to 22% in energy savings.

The Newpoint Concrete Roof Tile was selected for VISION House Las Vegas for its energy-efficiency properties in addition to its aesthetic appeal. Booz notes that the Newpoint Concrete Roof Tile “meets a lot of those energy efficiency requirements but it also meets the architecture of the area, which is a nice benefit to offer a roofing product that deflects some of the sun’s energy in a harsh climate like Vegas while being aesthetically pleasing and resilient.”

Check out this video for more information about Westlake Royal Building Products and their participation in the VISION House Las Vegas project.