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Pay Less in Utility Bills!

Posted by RESNET

Jul 23, 2014 1:09:24 PM

High utility bills are a major problem for many American households. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce those costs and pay less in utility bills.

  1. Opt for time-based electricity rates:
    • Utilities vary price according to time-of-day usage.
    • Apply for any available rebates offered by your utility.
  2. Invest in energy-saving products:
    • A programmable thermostat can save you up to 10% on heating and cooling bills.
    • ENERGY STAR qualified appliances reduce your costs by up to 30% through using less energy.
    • Use energy efficient lighting like compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) that use one-quarter to one-third of the power of incandescent bulbs.
    • Look for low-flow faucets and showerheads to reduce water costs.
  3. Reduce energy wastage in your home:
  4. Check to see if your home is suffering from energy efficiency issues:
    • Check the insulation in the attic, exterior and basement walls, ceilings, floors, and crawl spaces. There could be gaps or insufficient insulation that is letting the cold penetrate into your living area.
    • Look for air leaks around wall and ceiling joints, windows, doors, light and plumbing fixtures, switches, and electrical outlets.
    • If you have a fireplace, check to make sure you don’t have an open damper.
    • How energy efficient is your HVAC? Is it being properly maintained?

To fully understand how you can maximize your energy savings and pay less in utility bills, contact a certified RESNET Home Energy Auditor for an energy audit. Energy audits are detailed home examinations that pinpoint areas where a home is losing energy. Certified RESNET Auditors are energy efficiency specialists who can propose cost-effective solutions that make your home more comfortable and reduce costs. Talk to your local RESNET Home Energy Auditor about how they can assist you in reducing your utility costs.

This content was originally published by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) here. This content has been republished with the permission of RESNET. RESNET is the independent, national nonprofit organization that homeowners trust to improve home energy efficiency and realize substantial savings on their utility bills. RESNET’s industry-leading standards are recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, among others.

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Energy Efficiency: The Emotional Appeal

Posted by Suzanne Shelton

Jul 18, 2014 1:09:40 PM

IF YOU'VE SEEN any of our presentations, read any of our articles or talked with anyone from Shelton Group, you know we believe there is no silver bullet message when it comes to selling energy efficiency. There are distinctly different emotional drivers for at least four distinctly different types of home-owning Americans.

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Heating Energy Assessment Tool by AREVS

Posted by RESNET

Jul 16, 2014 12:25:19 PM

Understanding home heating energy performance just got easier. The new Heating Energy Assessment Tool (HEAT) from AREVS is a RESNET Approved, easy-to-use web-based application that tells home energy professionals, homeowners, and renters whether or not a home is in need of energy retrofits or upgrades. Using patented algorithms that are normalized for house size and geographical location, and information from its utility bill, HEAT provides a heating energy audit for a home in less than 5 minutes. A simple A+ through F grade range gives instant understanding of home heating performance.

Advantages for Professionals:

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Five Things You Didn't Know About Energy Efficiency Audits

Posted by RESNET

Jul 9, 2014 12:52:10 PM

As a homeowner, you may already know that home energy audits help lower your utility bills and improve home comfort, but they provide even more benefits than you might think. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about energy audits:

1. There are two types energy audits:

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Quick Consumer Guide to Home Energy Efficiency

Posted by RESNET

Jul 2, 2014 1:11:18 PM

Energy efficient homes cost less to run, are more comfortable to live in and enjoy higher resale values. Here’s a quick consumer guide to home energy efficiency and what you should look for when making your home more energy efficient.
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