Off-Site Builder’s Efforts Shows Industry is Greening

Clayton Home Building Group received ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction Market Leader Awards for 34 locations and announced new company leader of sustainability.

Clayton Home Building Group, a builder of off-site and site-built homes, is a bellwether of the systems-built industry, and it has its sites on sustainability. Recent news shows the company recognizes the importance of adopting more innovative and sustainable building methods along with providing energy-efficient housing.     


ecobee smart thermostats come standard in every Clayton Built® home and are engineered to help enhance energy savings and control comfort.

The company received the 2021 ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction Market Leader Award for 34 of its off-site home building facilities. These facilities were awarded for the construction of energy-efficient manufactured and modular homes. From January 2020 through April 2021, Clayton built more than 20,000 ENERGY STAR certified homes. 

In addition to participating in the ENERGY STAR program, Clayton hired William Jenkins, Clayton Home Building Group’s Director of Environment and Sustainability, to lead its national sustainability initiative. 

“Contributing more ENERGY STAR certified homes to the marketplace is a great achievement for Clayton’s sustainability initiative,” says Jenkins. “Innovations in energy efficiency help our homes operate more efficiently than comparable homes built to code. This enables our customers to significantly reduce their consumption of energy  and natural resources, which translates to less greenhouse gas emissions and reduced strain on their respective power grid.” 

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As part of its national sustainability efforts, Clayton aims to optimize its usage of renewable energy and is looking into options such as on-site solar power for home building facilities, like this facility in Texas.

The company has plans to springboard from ENERGY STAR to more ambitious goals, like Zero Energy Ready Homes. “We are always looking toward improving the energy efficiency of our homes, and Net Zero Ready is part of that consideration,” Jenkins says. “We are actively engaged in projects aimed at building and designing a Net Zero Ready home in the future.” 

Clayton is also considering water conservation, Jenkins notes, saying water efficiency and low-flow fixtures will be incorporated in its homes, along with other sustainability goals. 


Clayton is showcasing its sustainable, high-quality build process in display homes across the country. New “Behind the Build” videos are designed to help home buyers better understand the quality offered in Clayton's off-site-built homes.

“We are starting the process of assessing the carbon footprint of our operations. Once established, we will use this baseline to set progressive emissions reduction targets going forward,” he says. “As part of our national sustainability effort, we aim to improve the energy-efficiency of our homebuilding and supply facilities, set ongoing reduction targets for waste and water, and increase our reliance on renewable energy.”

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