Water Efficiency During Drought

Uponor’s AquaPEX plumbing system at The Sonders Project helps to conserve our precious water resource.

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The pervasive drought throughout the entire Western United States has reached crisis levels. As a result, wildfires, parched landscapes, and dwindling reservoirs have become all too common. 

At The Sonders Project, located at the base of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colo., Thrive Home Builders will demonstrate techniques and products available to curb residential water consumption and waste, which is particularly important given that the average American family uses over 300 gallons of water daily in the home according to the EPA.

The Sonders community will feature advanced Uponor plumbing systems. According to Ingrid Mattsson, Director of Brand and Sustainability at Uponor North America, Uponor is “always excited to participate with forward-thinking builders who value innovation and sustainability in their building process, not just slapping a sustainability label on things, but truly reimagining how resources can be better utilized more efficiently.”

Why Use PEX?

The AquaPEX plumbing system showcased at Sonders is easy to install, efficient and durable. It uses less material and requires fewer connections. “We use multiport tees in order to get the cold or the hot water where it needs to be quickly and effectively,” explains Mattsson.

Uponor's systems are designed uniquely to get water to the destination with as little waste as possible. “The Uponor plumbing systems are designed with Uponor Logic in mind. And, one of the greatest benefits of PEX is that it doesn't pit or corrode, so it lasts much longer than metal systems and doesn’t form scale buildup, so there’s no need to upsize the system to compensate for future flow restrictions,” Mattsson adds.


These AquaPEX pipes are flexible for fewer fittings, freeze resistant and kinks can be easily repaired.

Sustainability in Mind

Mattsson explains a common issue with residential water use. “Too often, homes are built where people leave the water running for a long time while they wait for it to heat up. If you know the water will be there quickly at the temperature you need, that is a big plus in helping to conserve this vital resource.”

As a company, Uponor is committed to all aspects of sustainability, not just water. Uponor is making significant strides towards energy, waste, and water reduction. This year they will announce an ESG roadmap, Mattsson says. This report will include carbon emissions reduction goals and product transparency through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). 

Uponor’s science-based targets include a 70% reduction in GHG emissions for the company’s operations and a 20% reduction in its supply chain by 2027. The company also plans to run on 100% renewable energy and completely eliminate waste.

Mattsson says, “we want to partner with those who want to be on the solution side of the decarbonization effort. We are honored to be a contributor to this ambitious project that is taking into consideration so many important aspects of sustainability.”

2024 Sustainability Symposium

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