VISION House Transcend: Self-Powered, Sustainable Housing

Kurt Goodjohn explains how Dvele is looking to the future when creating homes that are smart, healthy and sustainable… and can be purchased on the internet.

As the VISION House Transcend begins the manufacturing process, Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, sat down to talk with Kurt Goodjohn, CEO of Dvele, a prefab home builder striving for conservation, energy efficiency, and sustainability. 


Not only will Transcend be a demonstration house in the mountains of Colorado, but it will also be added to Dvele’s lineup of super-efficient homes. This home line will transform the housing sector and delivering net zero, electric, healthy, connected, resilient communities to markets throughout the country.  

“We set out to build these homes to be both self-powered and self-sufficient to solve the housing shortage problem with long-term solutions that are better for the future,” Goodjohn says.

Goodjohn asks us to think about the consequences of not building better today. “It’s more than economics,” he says. “If we don’t change the way we’re operating as a society and as a species, we are doomed. Transcend Communities will really take us to the next level.” 

Transcend_demo_home_rendering with logo featured

Watch the video for a behind-the-scenes look at the formation of the self-powered home, Transcend, and more information about the Dvele IQ Platform, energy saving tips, benefits of prefab homes, and development of sustainable Transcend communities.