No Road Too Far: From Factory to Foundation

No Road Too Far: From Factory to Foundation

Travel along with VISION House Transcend as it makes its grand journey to the mountains of Colorado.

In a picturesque corner of southwest Colorado, nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, a groundbreaking moment is unfolding. A Dvele home, a paradigm of modern luxury and sustainable living, is making its grand entrance. The arrival of VISION House Transcend to this scenic property signals a transformation in the way we conceive, construct, and experience our living spaces.

The VISION House Transcend speaks to the company’s versatility and adaptability. Dvele prefabricated modular homes are not just structures; they are living experiences tailored to meet the unique needs and aesthetics of their owners while creatively blending cutting-edge technologies and practices with sustainability.

Transcend House - 2024-02-21-11-52-14-615

All products included were meticulously selected to showcase integrated, energy efficient, safe and healthy living. The pre-fabrication process addresses labor, costs and shortages that have plagued the building industry.

With floor-to-ceiling windows from Arq-espacio framing panoramic mountain and river views, expansive open spaces, and eco-friendly features, VISION House Transcend offers a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability.

Prefab Building: Navigating Challenges

The pre-fab modules were carefully crafted in a controlled environment at the Dvele factory in Loma Linda, Calif. When complete, the modules were transported across several states by two different trucks and arrived on site in Lake City, Colo., ready to be set and stitched together.

However, multiple transportation delays, December snow, and a long, narrow and steep dirt driveway tested the boundaries of what was possible. 

First, a crane impressively sped up the curvy, slippery road. The driver, admitting to only taking challenging, mountainous jobs, says “this was nothing” when complimented on his skill.

But this was only the first step. There was still a long day ahead.

A small group of spectators anxiously waits on top of the hill for the first module to start the final leg of its journey. The group paces back and forth, trying to get the best view of the action happening at the end of the driveway.

“It’s moving!” we all exclaim, and we race to get a closer look. However, the excitement was short lived, as the truck got hung up on the first and tightest corner. Thankfully, a grater was waiting at the top from a grating of the road earlier in the morning. The grater was able to back down the hill and pull the truck and module upward—only to reach another impasse.

The beautiful pine and aspen trees were too dense where the driveway leveled out. Thankfully, the team had planned for this and quickly pulled a chainsaw out from under the module and cut the obstructing branch free, allowing the journey to continue.

Slowly but surely, the module inched its way safely to the previously set foundation.

Lift that Prefab!

It was time for the crane to step in. After the crew securely strapped in the home, the crane was attached and started lifting the module. The tricky path included a ground-mounted solar array and several towering trees. No matter the route, the process seemingly took only a few minutes. To our surprise, it was by far the quickest and most seamless part of the process.

The Dvele team lined up the home with the help of the crane’s minute movements to get the perfect match between the module and the foundation. As the crane released its upward tension on the straps, the module stood on its own, ready for its partner’s arrival.

Given that it was getting close to three in the afternoon, we were skeptical that the second module would be placed before the sun set behind the mountains. However, to our surprise, the second, smaller module steadily made it up the driveway, this time sans the grater’s help.

Within half an hour, the crane had already lifted the second module and gently set it in place next to the first one. As the sunlight dwindled, the team worked to get both modules permanently secured on the foundation. 

Finally, the process was complete, and the near-finished home was set in place. Dvele impressively ships their modular homes, complete with almost everything finished and installed.

Indoor excitement

When we finally walked in, we were graced by the already installed cabinets from Norelco Cabinets, appliances from Samsung, Arq-espacio windows, Caesarstone countertops, flooring by CRAFT, built-in speakers from Sonos, and already finished walls complete with Rockwool insulation.

The electrical system, plumbing system, Uponor’s radiant heating and cooling system, and ducting for Broan-NuTone’s IAQ solutions are all nicely tucked behind the walls, ready to be hooked up.

Walking to the bathrooms, we were impressed to see the toilets, sinks and fixtures from Grohe, shower glass, tile from Daltile and doors from TruStile.

Putting a Prefab House Together

Dvele enlists a unique process of securing all the components and reinforcing the strength of the entire module during manufacturing in their facility, making this home more resilient to the elements and longer lasting than many on-site-built homes. 

This pre-fabrication approach reduces the number of tradespeople needed at the remote site and allows Dvele to streamline the process in the factory. This saves time, cost, waste and overall environmental impact.

As this remarkable home settles into its new environment, it serves as a profound reminder of the role our living spaces can play in fostering a more sustainable world. The VISION House Transcend is not just a place to live; it’s a vision of what a home can and should be in an age where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity. 

Transcend Truck Corner 5X7A2875

Obstacle number one: a narrow, curvy driveway vs. an oversized module.

Transcend Truck 5X7A2847

The link-belt crane and skilled driver were instrumental in the last step of Transcend’s journey.

Transcend  - River 5X7A1814

The home site overlooks the Lake Fork River in remote Lake City, Colo., with impressive views of the San Juan Mountains. VISION House Transcend was purposefully positioned and designed to enhance guests’ connection with nature.

Transcend Foundation 5X7A1810

The Dvele team came to the site in the summer to prepare the foundation for the modules to rest on.

Transcend Crane IMG_0087

A crane was brought in to handle the task of lifting and placing pieces of Transcend into their proper locations.

Transcend Modules - 2023-12-04-16-39-34-735

The modules reach their final resting place on top of a steep riverbed.

Transcend entryway - 5X7A3008-edit.jpg

The expansive modern kitchen boasts plenty of storage and counter space, but the best feature has to be the view.

Transcend cooktop_X7A3031-edit

This all-electric home features a sleek induction cooktop from Dacor for precise and healthy cooking.

Transcend ERV 5X7A3045

Broan-NuTone’s efficient energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system keeps the home comfortable and healthy.

Transcend Bathroom 5X7A3047-Edit

There is little to no work to be done to finish the bathrooms.

Transcend Windows 5X7A3037

An entire wall of windows opens up the priceless views of the Lake City valley.

Transcend deer - 5X7A2837

Somehow fearless of the machinery and loud noises, a local deer stopped by for a look at this unique construction process.

Transcend enter home - 5X7A2957

The new owner, Sara Gutterman, enters the home for the first time.

All photos by Samantha Carlin