VISION House Las Vegas: Showcasing Zero Energy Ready Living

VISION House Las Vegas: Showcasing Zero Energy Ready Living

Let’s explore the increasing momentum behind high-performance home production and the exciting initial stages of VISION House Las Vegas.

The movement towards building net zero energy homes is well underway. With over 4 million homes in the U.S. boasting a HERS rating and nearly one in 10 new construction homes achieving ENERGY STAR certification, the demand for high-performance, energy-efficient homes is rapidly increasing.

In response to this growing consumer interest, builders are actively pursuing more high-performance products as well as green building certifications for their new construction homes. 

Kyle Tibbitts onsite

Prospective homebuyers, especially Millennials and Gen Zs, see energy rating scores as essential, particularly when comparing the overall cost of homeownership across different housing options. They want a home that is livable, sustainable, and affordable. With energy efficiency certifications like the Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program, they can rest easy knowing that their home embodies all three qualities.

Beazer, one of the leading national production homebuilders, is setting a new standard of excellence by pledging that 100% of the homes in its portfolio will be Zero Energy Ready by the end of 2025.

A Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) certification is recognized as the pinnacle of energy efficiency certification, demanding specific prerequisites such as a low HERS score, ENERGY STAR certification, and Indoor airPLUS certification. It also signals to prospective homebuyers that the house has undergone rigorous vetting and will deliver on its high-performance claims.

VISION House Las Vegas, a collaboration between Green Builder Media and Beazer, will showcase the best of what ZERH-certified homes have to offer. 

Kyle Tibbitts, Division President at Beazer Homes, provides an overview of some of the key elements that will be incorporated into VISION House Las Vegas, including 2 x 6 walls, increased insulation on the walls, and solar technologies designed to offset all the energy usage of the home.

During the summer of 2024, Tibbitts and his team will begin the grading process, with plans to start construction by the fall. 

Tibbitts is excited about utilizing the VISION House Las Vegas for education: “Through this project, we can demonstrate what Beazer can do to conserve water, energy, and ultimately build a really efficient home that is going to be durable for our end users.”