Sustainable Housing for the Real World

By partnering on the production of a model home in a new community Green Builder Media will illustrate how conventional design and cutting edge building science can co-exist.

Tim O’Brien Homes is the right partner at the right time to achieve this goal. The company has won several national building awards over the years, and Tim O’Brien won the prestigious Sustainability Superhero award from Green Builder Media in 2022.

VISION House Sussex will consist of one demonstration model home, along with four additional homes for sale in a master-planned 300-home community. The community has sixty acres reserved for community amenities, will showcase best practices in home sustainability, performance, health and resilience.  

According to Tim O’Brien, the partnership with Green Builder Media is a natural fit for his company.

Tim OB Const 2_featured

“We’ve been following Green Builder for over ten years, and we have a huge amount of respect for the organization,” he says. “They continue to push the envelope, offering an outside-the-norm perspective on better building. Our partnership with them gives us new ways to increase value—and demonstrate it—as well as challenging ourselves continually. Green Builder has many years of expertise in affecting positive change by reaching millions of progressive building professionals and consumers interested in sustainable living.” 

Director of Marketing Ryan Hillgarter agrees. “Green Builder Media impacts our industry with respect to climate change,” he says. “Yes, we’ve been successful at establishing a niche for ourselves in the marketplace, but we’re never going to shy away from competition in this area. We need more than just a small group of people building this way, and we’re completely open to other people adopting it to create better homes.”

Tim O’Brien Homes Core Values:

  1. Deliver Extraordinary Experiences
  2. Foster a Team Environment
  3. Embrace Social Responsibility
  4. Nurture a Learning Organization
  5. Communicate with Empathy and Understanding
  6. Be Solution Experts
  7. Create Fun!