Precision Engineered Windows Enhance Modular Home

The windows at VISION House Transcend fit right in with the energy saving theme of the net-zero build.

VISION House Transcend will feature Arq- Espacio's super high-performance, passive-house rated windows and doors.

Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, had the chance to talk with the founder and CEO of Arq-Espacio, Leonardo Uribe, about the advances in the industry and the European tilt-and-turn style windows and lift-and-slide doors that will enhance VISION House Transcend’s energy savings. 


Uribe is “excited about the Transcend project and our partnership with Green Builder Media and Dvele.” The tilt and turn windows have “a double seal in the profile that together with a multi point locking mechanism ensures a very tight seal which impedes air leakage or energy loss from heating or air conditioning.”

Uribe mentions how, historically, sliding doors were very impractical with respect to air tightness and energy savings. “Arq-Espacio’s lift and slide system is different–the system engages and seals the perimeter of the sash against the framing, making for a more efficient sliding door,” Uribe elaborates.

 “There is a trend to make larger, more open spaces that connect us to the environment,” explains Uribe. The triple pane, large-expanse windows and doors from Arq-Espacio provide energy savings without sacrificing the views.

Arq-Espacio also utilizes UPVC, which is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and contains additives and stabilizers that allow it to withstand ultraviolet radiation, temperature change and salinity. Additionally, Arq-Espacio’s UPVC material is recycled and recyclable.

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