In-Progress Look at New Modular Demonstration Home

Watch this video to take a tour through the soon-to-be-finished VISION House Transcend in the Dvele factory.

The first of many models of the VISION House Transcend is coming together in the Dvele factory. In this video, Amy Armstrong and Vanessa Young, co-senior directors of product design and development at Dvele, walk us through the in-progress modular home and help to visualize the beautiful finished product.


While still in production at the Dvele factory, the duo walks through the 1,530 square foot home denoting where living areas, appliances, fixtures and windows will be placed. The home is a two-bedroom, two-bath and two-module space.

“Where this house is going, it has some beautiful views and we wanted to make sure we could capture that,” Young notes as she points out the wall of lift and slide glass doors and above door windows opposite the kitchen. 

In the living room, Armstrong shows the continued trend of showcasing outdoor views. “Big windows capture a lot of natural light and the surrounding views.”

“There's a nice flow between the living space and the kitchen space where everyone likes to gather,” Young says.


The bedrooms have outdoor access and large spans of glass to further the connection to nature. And the spacious closets will feature built-in shelves and cabinets to reduce clutter and create a minimalistic look.

The VISION House Transcend has been designed to provide optimized comfort and amenities, without overindulging on square footage to remain net-zero and self-sufficient.

Watch the video and visit the VISION House Transcend website to learn more about the building process.  Stay tuned for more information about the completion and delivery of the home to its spectacular site in the magnificent Colorado Rocky Mountains!